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2017 Dodge Grand Caravans As Low as $19,999 | Redwater Dodge

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Rig Ready Pam is back at it again with another blowout deal.

We have 15, 2017 Grand Caravans left with prices as low as $19,999 so come on down to Redwater Dodge and grab them before their gone.

Here’s a list of our remaining 2017 Grand Caravans: https://www.redwaterdodge.com/new-dodge-grand-caravan-redwater-ab

If your interested in any of these vans give Rig Ready Pam a call at 780-942-3629 or an email at Pam@redwaterdodge.com or Sales@redwaterdodge.com

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2017 Dodge Grand Caravan | SXT Plus Trim | Redwater, AB

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Good Afternoon Internet, Travis here at Redwater Dodge. Home of the $10 Oil Change, the Rig Ready Ram and more importantly this Grand Caravan this is a 2017 Grand Caravan SXT Plus. Eerily similar to the Crew trim level first thing you’re going to notice the brilliant black paint job, the brilliant black paint job comes with a ton of speckles of glitter glamour and glitz… look at that!  Susan at the PTA meeting does not have the brilliant black, she doesn’t have the glitz. the glamour, the speckles. Maybe her nails are nicer than yours… but she does not have this! She doesn’t!  We got your Lexan coated headlights here because we know when you’re on the way to soccer practice the last thing you want is a crack head light. Now you have to stop and Billy’s late and he’s freaking out in the back and you’re like put your shin pads on! But were over it, we’re ready to go. Read More