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By November 20, 20162017 Vehicle Reviews

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Good Afternoon Internet, Travis here at Redwater Dodge. Home of the $10 Oil Change, the Rig Ready Ram and more importantly this Grand Caravan this is a 2017 Grand Caravan SXT Plus. Eerily similar to the Crew trim level first thing you’re going to notice the brilliant black paint job, the brilliant black paint job comes with a ton of speckles of glitter glamour and glitz… look at that!  Susan at the PTA meeting does not have the brilliant black, she doesn’t have the glitz. the glamour, the speckles. Maybe her nails are nicer than yours… but she does not have this! She doesn’t!  We got your Lexan coated headlights here because we know when you’re on the way to soccer practice the last thing you want is a crack head light. Now you have to stop and Billy’s late and he’s freaking out in the back and you’re like put your shin pads on! But were over it, we’re ready to go.

You’ve got the black inserts surrounding the headlights so you still look classy. Doesn’t matter even if you’re going to taekwondo you can still look like a stud. You got your black grille inserts here, you’ve got your fog lamps because the last thing you want is to be late to whoever other kids you got to get to practice or doing whatever the heck is that he does because it’s snowing and you can’t see. Boom… completely avoided that. We’ve got the upgraded rims and rubber here that’s pretty much a Yokohama NASCAR rally race tire. Because you know what Danielle’s ballet at 6:15…6:15 sharp not 6:17…6:18…and if you kinda have to brap brap to get there you’re going to be able to with those, i’m tellin ya.

Were going to take a look on the inside. Oh my goodness, that’s premium cloth seats and it’s just form fitted for stressful human beings. You got a lot on the go right now. You’ve got the power seat here; ready to adjust no problem. Anyhow, anywhere you want to go you can. Up, down, side to side, front to back, you want to lean back a little bit? relax?

You drop the kids off at their respective hobbies and practices now you’re on the way to Kmart,  Kmart closed… we’re going to Walmart people. Guess what? Once you pick everybody up it’s hectic! Your wife sitting here she’s yelling at the kids, kids yelling at you, you can still answer the phone *boop* hands-free! Hello Moto, no problem, guess what I have to be at work tomorrow at 8:30! Guess what you got your upgraded UConnect 430, you can relax tune to channel 73 – that’s 40’s junction incredibly soothing music.  You won’t even hear the kids in the background freaking out.

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Speaking about in the back Todd’s got karate, Danielle’s got ballet, Billy’s got soccer…guess where they’re sitting? All in here! But when they’re gone and you have to fill up the van with groceries we’ve got the full Stow N” Go. Then once you’re done grocery shopping you pick the kids up from soccer, ballet, karate knitting and whatever else it is that they’re doing. We’re throwing on some Disney in the back with the rear seat DVD. Boom! Cinderella everyone’s getting ready to go to bed now. Let’s take a look in the back I want to talk cargo space, I want to talk bags full of 86 soccer balls I got plenty of space, and before that, we know Todd likes to roll around in the driveway sometimes. We don’t want to run them over when he’s out there practicing his karate moves.

We got the backup camera he’s safe good on ya Todd we know what you’re doing Bud it’s important to practice. The seats in the rear do fold down making a completely flat surface and when they are being used there is still a ton of cargo space down here in the rear.  All of your stuff necessary for roadside assistance god forbid you pop a tire on the way to ballet. Boom!  Instantly fixed because all the tools you are going to need are right here.

Now that all the kids are in bed or at their respective sports or at the high pace knitting class or learning new grammar things at school and you got a minute yourself to watch this video. Feel free to visit our website for more information on this great unit here that’s www.redwaterram.com. Take advantage of the live chat feature. The live chat feature will put you directly in contact with the sales person such as myself with all the information regarding this soccer dropping offing grocery getting taekwondoing Grand Caravan. Give us a call down here at the store 780-942-3629. Feel free to email me travis@redwaterdodge.com.  If for some reason you don’t like my ability to juggle 15 ideas are 15 different kids at one time; just email sales@redwaterdodge.com and somebody who’s not me will be more than happy to help you. Thanks for watching guys will see next time.

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