2017 Dodge Grand Caravan | SXT | Bright White | Redwater, AB

By November 1, 20162017 Vehicle Reviews

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Hey Guys, Brit here from Redwater Dodge. Home of your $10 Oil Change. Here to show you a 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan that just rolled on the lot.

Have a look guys; it’s beautiful white in colour. You’re looking at some Lexan coated headlights here,  nice and durable. Gorgeous white, with the black contrast. Coming around this side sitting on 17-inch black rims; a little bit of chrome there on some Yokohama tires.  So a good tire on there.

Come on and have a look at the inside. So, guys, this is an SXT trim package in here. As you can see, it has a beautiful black interior. Lots of doohickeys and things to play with. Opening these up, there’s 12 volt DC’s in there, a couple of charging port. It’s got USB, auxiliary, as well as your nav screen, AC equipped.  

Everything there that you need, your Econo. You can turn the power switches on and off. Lots of storage and little compartments. This also has USB inside there for charging your phone.

So gorgeous black interior guys let’s pop into the backup show you what it’s all about. Stepping back here, as you can see Grand Caravan typically has your Stow N’ Go seating, So these seats go right into your floor. This one is also equipped with our entertainment package. So for those long car rides with the kids it’s great.

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Then you got your back row seating which also folds into the floor for when you need to haul two-by-fours and plywood and stuff like that. Come and have a look at the trunk. Opening up the back here, you got a couple of pulleys here. So you follow the numbers, and that’s your Stow N’ Go seating, easy peasy 1234.

As you can see lots of room, when you put those seats down. You can haul a bunch of groceries, hide the kids back there, whatever you need to do. We have lots of these on our lot guys, lots of 2017s. It also has a backup camera, So you won’t be backing into stuff, always a handy thing to have.

If you guys are interested in this or one like it as you might see behind me we, have a few, Give us a shout sales@redwaterdodge.com you can email us there. Or phone us 780-942-3629 we hope to see you. Have a good day.

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