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Chrysler Canada is responsible for an industry first, a dealer activated navigation function in vehicles with certain Unconnect systems.

“Sometimes customers don’t realize what they want until they need it,” says Marios Zenios, Vice President-Uconnect Systems and Services. “That’s fine. We can help. With dealer-activated navigation, we are adopting a ‘no-customer-left-behind’ attitude.”

This means that when you decide you want navigation, the dealer can activate it. This saves you from using portable devices which create clutter and require charging. You will also get everything you need to navigate with ease.

  • Dealer-activated navigation boasts the same map data as pre-ordered systems, including:

  • Points of interest

  • Junction views

  • Lane guidance

  • Intersection zoom

  • Trip programming

Stop by Redwater Dodge and see what your options are. You can make your decision days, weeks, months or years after the purchase of a vehicle – an industry-first in Canada.

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