The Great Canadian Grand Caravan Invoice Blowout Event at Redwater Dodge

By December 8, 2016In The News

4 Reasons why anyone in the market for a new Grand Caravan this month (December 2016) must read this post.

But first, if you are not in the market, (and don’t know anyone that may be), you can stop reading now. There’s nothing here that will interest you or benefit you in anyway. We don’t want to waste your time.

ONE: You’ve never seen anything like this before from a new car dealer. Never. We promise.

TWO: We’re not going to pitch you,  just tell you what we’re doing, why, and how that could benefit you.

THREE:  You DO NOT have to talk to a sales person to get a price. Pick a van from our inventory and we will send you the invoice, the window sticker, rebates, and the final price you will be paying.

FOUR: If you do decide to reach out to one of our team I promise you it will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced at a car dealership. We have THE Greatest Sales Team in Canada. How so you ask?  We are… well… different.  (You’ll see what I mean)

NOTE: If you know someone who is planning to buy a Grand Caravan, scroll to the bottom of this page and TAG them in a Facebook Comment (Spread the word – At these prices, we expect to completely sell out before the end of the month)

Our Situation – Our Story – And What’s in it For YOU.

We are a small dealership 29 minutes from Edmonton, with a huge inventory of Grand Caravans. We screwed up and ordered too many. It’s year end. They have to go.

In addition to being overstocked, FCA Canada will pay our dealership an incentive for hitting our sales objective this month. (We need to move the Grand Caravans to hit our target and get paid).

This is not a typical “Car Dealership Sale”.  (Does this look like a professional, corporate, well thought out, flashy sale where we promise you everything under the sun for dealing with us?)


We don’t have the BIG CITY advertising budget. Our message is spread by people like you on social media.  Oh, that reminds me…. please share this post 🙂


The only way we can fix it is to sell our way out of it.

The only way we can do that and compete with the BIG dealers in the BIG cities is to make our offer so good, people from all over the province, who have already decided to buy a Grand Caravan THIS MONTH, compare prices and decide to buy from us to save $$.

It’s that simple.

It’s not just one van on sale here.

EVERY 2016 AND 2017 Grand Caravan on our lot today is being offered for just $10 over factory invoice LESS all current FCA factory incentives.

Important Note:  The rebates on the 2016 models are bigger than the 2017.

For a complete listing of all current FCA Retail Incentives click here.

The van featured in the Video below is a 2017 with many options including a DVD player. We have many vans at much lower price points. We have vans that are more expensive. This one is middle of the road and typical of what most people decide to buy.

If we were better marketers we would have featured our lowest priced Canadian Value Package Grand Caravan. Truth is, the day we made that video (December 8, 2016) it was -24c outside.

We featured the black van because it was in the showroom.  lol

We don’t expect to win any awards for our marketing expertise. But we will sell a lot of vans. (Because the price point is simply the lowest anywhere and we know it).

Click here to download a copy of the Factory invoice featured in the video below.

Click here to see a copy of the Factory Window Sticker for the vehicle featured in the video.

If you would like the invoice price on any of our Grand Caravans in stock you can reach out to us in many ways.

  1. click on the Live Chat link you see in the lower right hand side of the page. (If we’re not available you can leave a message and we will get right back to you)  BTW: When you chat with us its really us, not somebody on the other side of the world)
  2. Text us at 780-942-3629
  3. Call us at 780-942-3629
  4. email us
  5. Tag us in a Facebook Comment below “Redwater Dodge”
  6. Send us a PM on our Facebook Page here.
  7. Some people actually visit us in Redwater before buying. Click here for Directions.
  8. Fill out the contact form below and we’ll email you.

OK. That’s just about it. I need to tell you that this offer is for a limited time and can be withdrawn at anytime without prior notice.

And I also wanted to mention that Redwater Dodge is THE home of the $10 Dollar Oil Change. If you’d like to know more about that you can follow the link or just Google it. We are EVERYWHERE you look when you search for a 10 Dollar Oil change. (Find out what all the hype is about)

Thank you for reading this far.

See you soon.

David Tingley (Sr)


Redwater Dodge

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