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The Great Canadian Grand Caravan Invoice Blowout Event at Redwater Dodge

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4 Reasons why anyone in the market for a new Grand Caravan this month (December 2016) must read this post.

But first, if you are not in the market, (and don’t know anyone that may be), you can stop reading now. There’s nothing here that will interest you or benefit you in anyway. We don’t want to waste your time.

ONE: You’ve never seen anything like this before from a new car dealer. Never. We promise.

TWO: We’re not going to pitch you,  just tell you what we’re doing, why, and how that could benefit you.

THREE:  You DO NOT have to talk to a sales person to get a price. Pick a van from our inventory and we will send you the invoice, the window sticker, rebates, and the final price you will be paying.

FOUR: If you do decide to reach out to one of our team I promise you it will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced at a car dealership. We have THE Greatest Sales Team in Canada. How so you ask?  We are… well… different.  (You’ll see what I mean)

NOTE: If you know someone who is planning to buy a Grand Caravan, scroll to the bottom of this page and TAG them in a Facebook Comment (Spread the word – At these prices, we expect to completely sell out before the end of the month) Read More