Sing Along with the Jeep Song!

By September 10, 2013In The News

Love your life in your Jeep? Then you will love It’s a Jeep Thing by Paul Randy Mingo. You won’t be able to help yourself from singing along every time you hear this tune.

Here is a little snippet for you:

Well ….its a Jeep thing ….you wouldn’t understand

Rough and rowdy and ready to ride ….it ain’t no minivan

When you’re cruising along in a mud hole and you’re givin‘ r all you can

Go get yourself a Jeep son

Maybe then you’ll understand

The song is off the album I AIN’T ALL CRAZY, written by Paul Randy Mingo and recorded at Feswick Productions, Liverpool, NS. Put it on your playlist today and sing along while your tear up some dirt in your Jeep.

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