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By January 19, 2017In The News

What’s up everybody, it’s Travis here at Redwater Dodge, Home of the $10 Oil Change and Rig Ready Ram. North America’s Premium brand in lifted trucks.

Today’s video is a little bit different; we got some interesting content for you.

You’re probably going to notice the tires all around. First things first, we’ve got a huge blow out on all Take Offs you can see there’s stacks and stacks and sets of Take Offs. These obviously came off of our 3500 series trucks that we lift and sell as the Rig Ready Rams. We’ve also got some customized rims and rubber here for you.

We wanted you guys to know that we do have an ample selection of rims and tires, kits and combos for you to use on the new Rig Ready Rams. If you guys have a certain preference you guys, look around through the video. You see any certain rims and tires you’d like to see on our next build feel free to comment below.

If you know anyone who’s looking for tires, feel free to tag them, like the video, share the video. Every time you guys share the video it kind of helps things move along a little bit quicker and if you know somebody obviously you’d be a nice guy to tag them. Otherwise, they’d be like why wouldn’t you tag me.


We’ve also got a huge showroom blow out on these 40 inch Nitto Trail Grapplers with the Fuel Cleaver rims. Those are 22s there.

I know a lot of you guys are huge into the SEMA stuff or huge into the truck shows and things along those lines. That’s definitely going to be something you’re going to want to take a look at. We’ve also got some Rockstar 3’s and everything in like that.

Come take a look at these here. We pretty much got tires everywhere. As I mentioned we are blowing out all the Take Off’s from the 3500 that we lift. We’ve also got the customized aftermarket rims and rubber. We’ve got Toyo’s, we’ve got Nitto’s, we pretty much got anything you need here.

For more information guys feel free to visit our website redwaterram.com. Hop on the live chat ask one of us for any pricing or codes or anything along those lines. Give us a call the store (780) 942-3629, also text that number. Feel free to ask for me personally, email me travis@redwaterdodge.com. Follow my Instagram – RigReadyTrav.

If you don’t want to email me or talk to me or deal with me whatsoever email sales@redwaterdodge.com.

Thanks for watching guys!

Parts and Service Team
Redwater Dodge

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