Redwater Dodge Provides Safe Driving Options for the 2013 Holiday Season

By December 20, 2013In The News

City sidewalks, busy side walks may be dressed in holiday style, but not if there’s an intoxicated driver crashed there. With all the holiday parties, it is more important than ever to plan ahead and arrange for a safe ride home.

Alcohol can have more of an effect on you than you think. Don’t risk getting behind the wheel. Spread the word and take a stand against intoxicated driving.

Redwater Dodge wants you have a safe ride home during the winter holidays. Plan ahead and get home safe.

For more information, please visit Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Designated Driver Service:
Dedicated Designated Drivers  – 780-819-8175
Alberta Designated Drivers –  780-616-7140

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Sherwood Park Taxi – 780-995-3333
Flat Rate Cabs  780-469-4222
Yellow Cab  780-465-8500

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