Redwater Alberta, Opportunities For All

By June 20, 2014In The News

If there’s anything you can learn from the Town of Redwater and Global TV’s latest commercial series, it is that you can’t judge a book by its cover. After all, Napoleon Bonaparte was small too.

Redwater, Alberta offers excellent business opportunities. The industrial growth in the area has been significant, offering economic stability. Redwater acts like a clean slate for your business. This is because, aside from the automotive and oil industry, it’s virtually an untapped market, yet the growth has been substantial. The jobs are endless for both young and old.

When it comes to laying roots down and raising a family, Redwater is a great place. Perhaps its because this is a community where families really connect. It could also be because it’s a nice, quiet, slow paced community where families can thrive. Once you’re here, the tight-knit feel of the community will make you feel like family.

Golf Course Groundskeeper, Herman Lawrence knows that in Redwater we have a saying. It goes something like, “if the first 18 holes don’t work out for you, enjoy the 19th in the club house!” But golfing is not all that’s available in Redwater for leisure activities. If you like adventure on the back of an ATV, Redwater is a great place to have some fun. The Redwater natural area is the number one tourist attraction for quaders and dirt bikers.

When it comes to providing the community with great health care, Redwater has you covered. Dr. T Van Der Walt, a physician at the Redwater Health Centre is proud of the facility and the diligent team that keep the citizens of Redwater in tip-top shape. According to Mayor Mel Smith the best parts of Redwater are: the hospital, highschool, employment opportunities, and an excellent police force.

Redwater offers close access to the city, business opportunities, and great people. Redwater may not have the largest population but this town is packed full of fun, family, and heart. At Redwater Dodge, we are proud to hail from Redwater – and we hope you are too!

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