Redwater: A Town For Everyone

By November 19, 2015In The News

Get in your car and travel thirty minutes north of Edmonton, Alberta to Redwater, Alberta. Come to a vibrant community that treats everyone like the belong. Breathe in the clean country air and bask in the rural scenery that greets you each day. You are also conveniently located to city with all the amenities you need.

Redwater is an oil town that was settled during the early 1900s. The site of the first oil drill still stands. Redwater is famous for its industrial area that leads the way in hydrocarbon processing. The industrial area is also home to over forty multinational companies, making Redwater a true centre for industry. Redwater is also a leader in clean energy development. The North West Redwater Partnership is on its way to making the Alberta area greener and self-sustaining. Redwater is the perfect community for workers and their families who come to work on the project. Redwater has your family covered for quality town entertainment.


The Provident Place Entertainment Center is an indoor ice rink, golf course, and banquet facility. Take your family the Sand Hills nature facility to enjoy the great outdoors. Explore the largest sand hill dunes in the region and make amazing memories. Redwater is a full-service community that provides the best healthcare, education, and safety services. Redwater is a great place to work and play.

Come visit our community to learn why people love to live here.

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