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By June 22, 2015In The News

2013 Ram 5500 Chassis Cab

Ram is continuing to impress with its features and powerful work capabilities. Ram 4500/5500 Chassis Cab was recently given the title of 2015 Medium-duty Truck of the Year by Work Truck magazine. This is the second time that Ram has won this award in five years. The Chassis trucks keep proving to be the people’s choice of work trucks and for very good reason!

Why Ram is an Award Winner

The Ram 4500/5500 Chassis Cab truck met all the requirements for Medium-Duty Truck of the year. The award looked at features like durability, maintenance costs, and quality. Ram Chassis Cab trucks went above and beyond all these requirements for a medium-duty truck. Ram trucks are designed to meet the rigours of hard work, and along with its wide array of features it is a definitive class-leader.

Ram trucks come with an advanced infotainment system and interior technology. Ram offers custom uplift solutions and the best commercial truck features. It’s rugged exterior and luxurious interior make it a family and work truck favorite. Ram also wins for its five-year warranty on their trucks for 100,000 miles (160,934km). Ram took over Work Truck’s requirements in:

  •    Best-in-class rear frame steel strength at 5000 psi.
  •    Best-in-class towing
  •    Best-in-class front Gross Axle Weight Rating
  •    Best-in-class rear frame steel strength
  •    Best-in-class crew cab
  •    Best-in-class Gross Combined Weight Rating

Ram outdid the competition in all these categories and continue to innovate the work truck year after year. Ram’s ability to keep what works while making it better is what make it a consistently award winner, ideal work and play. Drive an award winning truck by getting behind the wheel of a Ram truck today at Redwater Dodge.

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