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Operation Rednose

With the holidays just around the corner, holiday parties are in full swing. Make sure you get home safe from these festivities with the Operation Rednose program. Many communities have their own version of the Operation Rednose Program, find out what your town provides by way of safe rides home.

The Operation Rednose Program was founded in 1984 by Jean-Marie De Koninck and is active in over 100 cities in 7 provinces. It is the mission of Operation Rednose [“to encourage responsible behavior (in a non-judgmental manner) with regard to impaired driving by enabling communities to provide a free and confidential chauffeur service to their members, the financial benefits of which are redistributed to local organizations dedicated to youth.”]

Operation Rednose is not your only safe ride home option this holiday season. Check out these other Designated Driver Programs available in the Edmonton Area:

This great program is always looking for volunteers. If you would like to be part of this program or others like it call your local designated drivers program today.

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