Chrysler Partners with Mopar to Ensure that Teens are Road Ready

By November 7, 2014In The News


The Chrysler Foundation is sponsoring a program called Mopar Road Ready to ensure that teenagers are ready for the road. This is an advanced driving program only open to those who have completed the required 30 hours of driving experience. It is designed to teach safety and defensive driving to teens age 15-19 who hold either a driver’s permit or license.

In addition to Mopar, the National Hot Rod Association Motorsports Museum and B.R.A.K.E.S. are also involved in this effort, which are both organizations concerned with teen driving safety. The program offers six free sessions available only through select dealers. Young drivers will have access to a closed course where they will practice defensive driving techniques in a controlled and safe environment. A parent or other adult guardian will also be an active participant in these sessions.

The curriculum is provided by the B.R.A.K.E.S. program and includes classroom instruction along with the hands-on aspect of the sessions. Students will benefit from a small group learning experience with a 3:1 ratio for individual attention.

Basic topics will include maintaining the proper position in the seat and for the hands on the steering wheel. More advanced learning takes place with a focus on avoiding accidents and dealing with distractions. They will learn about panic stopping, wheel drop and wet pavement. The goal is to educate teens and make them safer drivers out on the highways.

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