Mopar Heritage: Too Fast Too Soon? – Engineering the first 200 MPH Lap

By November 18, 2013In The News

Dean Engle once said  “The purpose of racing is to, number one, get the pole, and, number two, get the win.’

On March 24, 1970, Buddy Baker climbed into the car and was immediately over 190 mph with a lap of 194; then 198, stopping every few laps for adjustments. Finally on the 30th lap he became the first driver to lap a closed course at over 200 mph, with a speed of 200.096 mph. He stopped at the pits to enjoy the celebration, then went back out and ran off laps of 200.330 mph and, on his 34th lap, 200.447 mph. Buddy Baker made history as the first to lap at over 200 mph, and he accomplished it in a Dodge.

Dodge has been breaking records and winning awards since its beginning. With ground breaking records like the 200 MPH lap; Dodge is one of the best vehicles manufacturers in the world and with the help of Mopar they are only getting better.

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