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Memorial Programs of Redwater | Redwater Dodge

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The Town of Redwater’s Memorial Programs offers the purchase of a tree or a memorial bench in memory of a loved one, recognition of an achievement, to commemorate an exceptional event, or to dedicate to an special member of the community. In addition to the tree or bench you may also purchase an engraved metal plaque for mounting near your memorial tree or on the memorial bench.

Memorial Tree Program:

  • Application deadline for Memorial Trees each year is mid- to late-April
  • See designated location areas in Schedule B of Policy 908
  • Contact the Community Services office at (780) 942-4101

Memorial Bench Program:

  • Durable classic black metal bench design, consistent with the new benches of the 49th street revitalization project
  • See Policy 908 for an application
  • Contact the Community Services office at (780) 942-4101

Redwater Dodge wants to promote and encourage the communities it is proud to serve to participate in these unique Memorial Programs that allows the community to celebrate and remember in their own way with a tangible, positive addition to the landscape of the region, now and for future generations.

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