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By July 21, 2016In The News

Bill from Dent Clinic Canada advises customers on how to deal with hail damage on their vehicles. Anyone who lives in Alberta, the “hail capital of the world” as Bill put it will likely have to handle this issue at some point if they own a vehicle.

Hail Damage

With the recent storm, dealerships like Redwater Dodge have had significant damage to vehicles on the lot. Bill advises car owners to contact their insurance agency to file a claim. Expect to take the vehicle to an estimating location. Once an estimate has been obtained, they can take it to a body repair company. Expect the repair work to take two to four days if no major body repairs or paint work is needed. Right now, it’s taking 7-10 days to get the parts with all of the claims being handled. Bill says to remember it isn’t a speed race, but a marathon. Take the time to get the work done properly.

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