Human Biology Breathes New Life into Chrysler Group CNG Commitment

By January 8, 2015In The News

Ram2500OnlyFactoryBuiltCNGTruckChrysler Group is looking to mimic the human anatomy in its design for CNG fuel tanks. These are tanks that use compressed natural gas, therefore require larger capacity and are limited to only cylindrical shapes. Chrysler research is attempting to address both issues by studying the human lung.

Chrysler received a $50,000 grant from the Michigan Economic Development Council through the Technology Innovation Challenge to partially fund the research. The goal is to design a fuel tank that looks much like other fuel tanks and reduces the space needed to allow more room for passengers and cargo.


The Ram 2500 Compressed Natural Gas truck is already on the market and is the only factory-built truck utilizing CNG that comes off the same assembly line as traditional vehicles. This truck has a 5.7L engine that uses CNG. It then switches over to gasoline after the CNG is used up. It has an amazing fuel efficiency of 255 miles on the CNG and 745 miles total when a 35-gallon gas tank is included.

Chrysler Group has designed other CNG vehicles as far back as the 1990’s and early 2000’s. With the new research, the manufacturer is once again proving why it is a leader in innovation. Chrysler is committed to creating better vehicles that are more efficient and designed for today’s drivers. Learn more about the well-constructed lineup at Redwater Dodge.

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