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By December 13, 2016In The News

Redwater Dodge | Fly and Drive Program

The Redwater Dodge Family would like to reintroduce you to the Fly and Drive Program! This one-of-a-kind program enables our out of town customers to fly into Redwater to pick up their Rig Ready Ram, or other vehicle and drive it home, with no cost to the customer.

The Fly and Drive Program presents you with an opportunity to have Redwater Dodge pay the cost of your airfare and hotel stay, as well as pick you up from the airport! Once you are here, you can purchase your Rig Ready Ram, regular Ram, or alternative vehicle and drive it home!


This program is especially beneficial for our out of province buyers, as we have been able to provide this service to customers in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, British Columbia and more. We aim to reach out to the ends of the earth and bring us all together at the home of the Rig Ready Ram! Do not let your location get in between you and your Ram! Redwater Dodge will gladly pay out of pocket for your airfare, hotel stay, and we will transport you from the airport!

Please feel free to contact Travis directly at or give us a call at 780-942-3629!

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