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By November 18, 2016In The News

Hey everybody out there in Internetland, more specifically my out of province Rig Ready Ram fans; or even just regular Ram fans. Travis here at Redwater Dodge and I have some very very very big news for you guys.

Essentially what we’re doing down here at Redwater Dodge guys were bringing back our Fly and Drive Program. Our Fly and Drive Program essentially consists of us paying for the airfare the hotel stay and we pick you up from the airport. You drive your Rig Ready Ram or regular Ram home. For all of our out of province buyers, we’ve done this for people in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and British Columbia. We’re reaching to the ends of the earth to bring us all together at the home of the Rig Ready Ram.


Obviously, this is for those customers who are also looking at buying other vehicles as well. Another quick rundown we, Redwater Dodge, not the customer, there’s no hidden fees, you do not pay for it, we do. We are paying our of our pockets for the airfare, hotel stay and we will also pick you up at the airport, transport you back to Redwater Dodge and you will drive your New Rig Ready Ram or regular Ram home.

Please feel free to get ahold of me directly Also feel free to give me a call down here at the store 780-942-3629. Again for all of you out of province Rig Ready Ram fans or regular Ram fans. The Fly and Drive Program is back at Redwater Dodge.

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Redwater Dodge

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