Custom Lighting for Your Ram

By April 17, 2015In The News

Custom Lighting for Your Ram | Better Visibility on Less Energy

Custom Lighting from Redwater Dodge

You depend on your Ram truck to help you in work and play, and the right lighting improves that dependability. Custom lighting not only looks stylish and modern, it improves visual capability after dark.

HID lights provide brighter lighting with less power. They also emit a light that is closer to natural lighting, improving vision after dark. You can feel safer driving at night and see at a further distance. Redwater Dodge uses Beamers lights which feature the same technology you see in IMAX theatres. The bulbs last longer and need fewer replacements. Beamers provides a one-year warranty with the HID lights that come with O/E grade waterproof connections.

Redwater Dodge also uses BrightSource for some HID and LED lights when they customize Ram trucks and other vehicles. Depending on the model, they come with either one-year or two-year warranties. The manufacturer offers universal kits that can be used on many different models or kits that are designed specifically for Ram, Dodge and Jeep vehicles.


Enjoy improved safety when you are driving at night with custom lighting from Redwater Dodge. When you are adding accessories to your brand new vehicle, you can request upgraded lighting that will enhance the look and the function of your truck or SUV. Redwater Dodge is home of the Rig Ready Ram so stop in and talk to the sales staff about our custom options.

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