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In 2009, Alberta’s updated Commercial Vehicle Safety Regulation came into effect. These updates were created to stay consistent with both Canadian and North American legislative standards. The regulations cover safety standards, maintenance standards, trip inspection requirements, cargo securement requirements, school bus operation requirements, driveaway or towaway requirements, and transportation of anhydrous ammonia requirements. One of the major changes with the legislation was that trucks, truck-tractors, trailers and buses require a written trip inspection report, while motor coaches are to have an inspection every 30 days or 12,000 km.

Therefore, as per the updated Commercial Vehicle Safety Regulation and Province of Alberta’s Traffic Safety Act, all commercial vehicles must be inspected on a regular basis to operate within Alberta. Depending on the type of commercial vehicle, inspections may be required annually or semi-annually. In order ensure road safety, there is a list of criteria that commercial vehicles must meet in order to pass the inspection. The Province of Alberta’s Traffic Safety Act highlights commercial vehicle safety regulations.

Commercial Vehicle Inspections | Available at Redwater Dodge

In most instances, commercial vehicle inspections occur annually. All commercially plated vehicles require this. Section 19 of the Vehicle Inspection Regulation (AR 211/2006) states that all commercial vehicles require a valid inspection certificate and decal. The driver of the commercial vehicle must be able to produce this certificate upon the request of authority, such as an investigator or peace officer. Annual commercial vehicle inspections are required for if their gross weight is over 4,500 kg when operating extrap provincially, or if their gross vehicle weight exceeds 11,794kg when operating intra-provincially.

  • Trucks
  • Truck-tractors
  • Semi-trailers
  • Trailers
  • Other Combinations

Commercial vehicles which carry passengers, such as buses, require semi-annual commercial vehicle inspections, as per the National Safety Code’s definition. The conditions are laid out on the Government of Alberta’s Ministry of Transportation website, stating “Buses designed, constructed and used for the transportation of passengers with a designated seating capacity of more than 10 (including the driver), but excluding the operation for personal use.”

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Out of Province Inspections | Available at Redwater Dodge

If a vehicle owner would like to register their vehicle in Alberta, it’s registered outside of the province, it must pass an Alberta Out of Province Inspection. However, certain exemptions may apply, such as if it does not indicate flood, salvage or nonrepairable, as well as meets the following criteria:

  • The vehicle must be a new vehicle from a jurisdiction within Canada, purchased within 90 days. The vehicle must have less than 5,000 km on it or 3,107 miles. The owner of the vehicle must present proof of Alberta address, proof of Alberta insurance and Bill of Sale in their name from a factory authorized dealer.
  • The Government of Alberta will also accept government inspections issued in other Canadian jurisdictions if the vehicle was registered in the issuing jurisdiction at the time of inspection. Within 90 days of the inspection, or 36 if the vehicle was inspected in Ontario, the owner must present the following to an Alberta Registry agent: proof of address and insurance in Alberta, and a subsisting government authorized vehicle inspection.
  • If a vehicle is new but from a jurisdiction outside of Canada, but purchased within the last 90 days and has less than 5,000km or 3,107 miles, the owner must present a total of five documents to an Alberta Registry agent. These documents include the owner’s proof of address in Alberta, proof of Alberta insurance, Bill of Sale or Lease Agreement in the owner’s name from a factory authorized dealer, Form 1 issued by Transport Canada completed with 2 stamps, plus a Certificate of Origin or State Issued Title.

The Alberta Registry agent will then verify the vehicle identification number (VIN) and odometer reading, then complete a verification document. If everything passes, the agent will then issue a certificate of registration for the vehicle.

Passing a Commercial Vehicle or Out of Province Inspection in Alberta

If the vehicle fails the inspection, the technician will notify the owner. The vehicle owner will not be able to operate a vehicle with a failed inspection. The technician will then recommend what repairs are needed for the commercial vehicle to pass.

Once the vehicle passes, the owner will receive a certificate that must be kept in the vehicle to show a peace officer upon demand. The owner will also be given a label that must be attached to the outside of the driver’s window, in the lower left corner. The owner will need to keep a copy of the certificate in the files along with certificates from the four previous years.

Peace of Mind Inspection | Licensed Facility with Licensed Technicians

There are several facilities that are licensed by the Vehicle Safety Section to conduct inspections under Alberta’s Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program. While commercial vehicle owners are responsible for ensuring their commercial vehicle receives the inspection, both facilities and technicians are required to undergo proper licensing so they are up to speed on the requirements for both inspections and repairs.

Commercial Vehicle and Out of Province Inspections Available in Edmonton, AB

Stay up to date on inspection requirements and regulations online with Alberta’s Ministry of Transportation. If you want to learn more about Alberta’s Traffic Safety Act and/or Commercial Vehicle Regulations, contact Redwater Dodge. The service staff can answer your questions and provide any necessary repairs to ensure that your vehicle passes inspection. For competitive pricing and great service, visit Redwater Dodge today!

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