Chrysler Seeks to Revive Alfa Romeo

By September 25, 2014In The News

Chrysler Seeks to Revive Alfa Romeo with Help from Bigland

Alfa Romeo 4C

Chrysler Group LLC has just announced that Reid Bigland will lead the campaign for the revival of the Alfa Romeo in North America. Bigland is the president and Chief Executive Officer of Chrysler Canada, as well as the head of Chrysler’s sales in the U.S. He will continue in those positions while taking on this new role.

Robert Hegbloom will replace Bigland as the head of the Ram truck brand, which will give him the time he needs to focus on the Alfa Romeo. His years of experience in the business made him the prime candidate for this challenge.

Bigland joined Chrysler in 2006 after working with companies such as Western Trucks and Freightliner. He graduated from the University of British Columbia and has dual Canadian-U.S. citizenship. He will continue to serve on the FIAT Chrysler Group executive council and be part of the NAFTA leadership team.

This appointment is just part of a five-year plan that will increase sales for Chrysler and turn it into a worldwide power in car manufacturing. The plan began with the combination of FIAT and Chrysler and will continue as the company seeks to enter markets where it has been notably absent. One of those markets is the luxury sports car, which will change with the addition of the Alfa Romeo and the first car in the lineup, the 4C.

We’re greatly looking forward to the revival of the Alfa Romeo brand and excited for Chrysler to enter the luxury market!

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