Big Changes for the 2016 Dodge Charger Enforcer

When it comes to innovation, the 2016 Dodge Charger Enforcer is on top of its game with the launch of the Uconnect 12.1 system. This 12.1-inch built-in touchscreen stems from a collaborative effort between the expertise of Fiat Chrysler Automobile’s law enforcement vehicle design, Fleet and Uconnect teams and the 19-member Police Advisory Board (PAB), to bring a solution to the previously bulky connection design of law enforcement vehicles. It is a police-exclusive system to provide for the mobile command needs of officer vehicles.

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Streamlined Safety

Previous designs of connectivity features in law enforcement vehicles included laptop computers and additional displays, mounting brackets and keyboards which posed a bulky presence and pull of the driver’s view down to the side. The vast amount of equipment required took away from the comfort of the interior, as well as posed a risk in the event of a collision with its many potential points of contact and possible interference with airbag deployment. Previously used, third party uplift solutions did not eradicate the complications and they often added to the bulkiness and limited connection options. As this frustration was brought to the attention of developers, an opportunity was created to bring innovation and intelligence to the Uconnect interface so that it offered the integrated technology required by law enforcement officers.

Uconnect 12.1

Building on previous designs, the Uconnect 12.1 of the 2016 Dodge Charger Enforcer offers a 12.1-inch touchscreen display, making it the largest yet. It is ergonomically located in the instrument panel to provide a streamlined and non-obstructive view of important details. Available features include Uconnect radio, Bluetooth streaming audio, ParkView rear back-up camera, SD Card slot and the ability to toggle to a law enforcement officer’s computer via a menu bar. Thanks to the plug-and-play solution, it is able to connect to the officer’s mobile computer out of sight in the Dodge Charger Enforcer’s trunk, which further de-clutters the dashboard space. When required, the 12.1-inch touchscreen can be split to display the award-winning 8.4-inch Uconnect interface, as well as be switched off entirely at the push of a button to be brought back again by touching anywhere on the screen. This upgrade also includes a fourth auxiliary button, in addition to the three steering-wheel mounted auxiliary buttons that are managed through the Vehicle System Interference Module (VSIM). This system is able to simplify the installation of uplift equipment by providing power, ground and fusing for a variety of LED, lighting, siren, computer, modem or camera systems.  Designed for an officer’s day-to-day, the Uconnect 12.1 system can be used while wearing gloves, and it can function in extreme operating conditions of up to 85°C and down to as low as -40°C, so that the system can always be relied on

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Proud Partner

Heroic men and women must be provided with the latest in technological innovation to help them protect in an efficient and safe manner. Dodge is honoured to become a part of this challenge with the 2016 Dodge Charger Enforcer and the exclusive Uconnect 12.1 touchscreen system. As a provider of North America’s high-performance police vehicles, Dodge is proud to present a system which offers world-class safety and pursuit-rated hardware. The factory-installed Mopar uplift packages provide for all needs and requirements, while the advanced all-wheel-drive system offers all weather traction and fuel-efficiency so that officers are able to do their jobs effectively.

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