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By November 2, 20162017 Vehicle Reviews

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Hey Guys, Tyler here from Redwater Dodge. Home of your $10 Oil Change.  I have behind me a 2017 Ram 3500 SLT with the Blacktop Appearance Group.  Blacktop means obviously black badging, black grille, got the black tow bumper, trailer tow hooks in the front, blacked out headlights. Take a look under the hood. I’d say this is blacked out, but most of the stuff is black anyway. 6.7L Cummin Diesel engine, you get two batteries one of the side, your dipstick for the oil, windshield washer fluid.

Anything with a yellow cover, that’s what you can be checking on a regular basis. Down over the side here you have the Firestone Transforce tires on the blacked out Rim.  You have your blacked out Cummins badging. Blacked Out Ram 3500 Badging and your lovely trailer tow mirrors.

Taking a look inside you have your premium cloth interior, power driver seat, lumbar tilt, all that fun stuff. Take a closer look inside, alright, so it’s the bucket seats in the front, you get your shallow console here with some of your media plugins and then you have a deep console as well.

Regular kind of console here with room for some drinks, phones, whatever you want to store. Heated seat, heated steering wheel, exhaust brake,  your park sensors in the back. A smaller display screen there, Bluetooth, and cruise. Come to the back.

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Again, you get your premium cloth seats in the back. If you flip up underneath, you’ve for your lovely fold out bench and if we put it down..little more room for storage. Storage on the other side as well.

The lovely rubber floor mats but if you look underneath them, you always have your container there to store a couple of cold pops. Jump to the back, you have your spray-in bed liner. Come all the way back and see the little sensors in the back. You also have the backup camera, again blacked out badging on the back. If we take a look on the inside of the box, get your box lighting as well.  Trailer tow wiring already goes with the receiver hitch as well.  

That is the 2017 Ram 3500 SLT if you’d like to take a closer look give us a call 780-942-3629 or you can reach us at sales@redwaterdodge.com. Hope to see you down here.

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