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By November 8, 20162017 Vehicle Reviews

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Hey Guys, Brittany here from Redwater Dodge. Home of your $10 Oil Change, Your $10 Cummins Diesel Oil Change and your $40 off-make oil change. I’m here today to number one say it is Remembrance Day week. I wanted to thank all of our troops.  Everyone who’s fought for us over the years and for this country Thank You.

Number two I hope everyone is excited as I am for the end of America…I mean the end of the American election that is what I was saying and number three CFR’s in town this week. So today I’m going to show you a few exciting things that kind of relate to the CFR. Number one we are the home of the Rig Ready Ram so as you can see behind me we have a lovely 2016 Blacktop lifted truck as well as we have a stock 2017 Ram 3500 behind me and we also have a lovely used Ram 3500 one ton long box all on sale in this lot. Just in time for CFR hauling those horse trailers around here maybe if you got snow some sleds and I also have this beauty.

Have a look over there 2017 Ram 3500 Laramie Longhorn we have all the beauty of a Dually in this truck. It’s a gorgeous colour, it’s the Max Steele, it’s got your Lexan coated headlights, nice and durable.

The projectors in there, nice and bright. You have a chrome grille, your Limited Edition kind of grille, as well as your front sensors, and your fog lights. Coming around the side guys, you’re going to sit on six Rodian all-terrain Nexian tires. You got your Longhorn cap they’re all emblemed up. Cummins Turbo Diesel Ram 3500 a little bit of Western as well as some sidesteps, you tow mirrors,  always handy because you’re going to be hauling something with this.If you’re not you shouldn’t be buying it just sayin’, anyway, maybe you should.

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Have a look inside guys I’ll go around and tell you all about it. So as you can see we have the beauty of a Laramie Longhorn a gorgeous canyon brown colour with black trim.  A beautiful interior, bit of chrome and then all the beauty luxury of your Laramie Longhorn You have A/C seats, heated seats,  you have your tow package, your parking brake, you can turn our parking sensors on and off all that the no-fun button your tow haul as well as your stereo.  8.4-inch screen UConnect UConnect,  one year Sirius Satellite radio sunroof up there. You also have your rear sliding window as well as your three garage door opener. The beautiful wood grain in here as well as the off-colored kind-of anterior rather than the silver they went with a rose gold, power seats as well as everything else you can expect with your 4×4, your gas pedal moves back and forth as well and then your tilt steering.  

On the door here you have all your mirror control handles in your lock and unlock everything power.  Have a look in the back. So you have all the comforts of a Crewcab lots of room for the kids, the friends, the adults everybody fits comfortably back here. They’re going to have nice and warm bums because they’re heated as well.

We have beer compartments…I mean storage compartments for magazines and juice… juice…and stuff, as well as cup holders for that juice, so it rides safely with you.  Come and have a look at the Box guys. Long Box haha you have lots of box as well as in box lighting. So it is the long box it’s got everything you’d expect in a loaded truck your 4-and 7-pin wiring, your backup sensors as well as your backup camera for hooking up those trailers. This makes it nice and easy and of course our tow package so you got your hitch and stuff everything under there.

If anyone you know is interested in the truck like this, a Rig Ready Ram, a stock truck anything else at all maybe a $10 oil change on your Cummins diesel engine. Give us a call Redwater Dodge 780-942-3629 or visit us at www.redwaterram.com you can throw us an email to sales@redwaterdodge.com or to myself fox@redwaterdodge.com we hope to see you all there have a great CFR weekend.

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