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By November 1, 20162017 Vehicle Reviews

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Hey, Guys, Tyler here at Redwater Dodge. Home of the $10 Oil Change. Today we’re going to go through one of our 2017 units. It is the Ram 2500 Power Wagon; it is the Laramie. We’re going to look through some of the cool features with this truck.

First of all take a look at the front, you’ve for your Laramie grille. All chrome in the front, chrome bumper, chrome grille, fog lights, projector style lights, Lexan coated.

You got your trailer tow hooks, got your winch, sensors in the front just in case you want to run into something. Open up the hood; the engine is a 6.4L HEMI. Everything yellow is usually what you’re going to check on a daily basis.

It is bright white in colour. Slide on the side you’ve got your trailer tow mirrors, chrome to match. On this side as well Proximity Entry. Hit the little button closes. Use the sensor, opens. So, I will let you take a look inside.

Alright, we’re inside, you can see it’s leather. You got your wood grain for the Laramie, Laramie badging, Laramie stitching. 8.4 UConnect, you’ve got your trailer brake, heated seats, vented seats, heated steering wheel, dual climate and then you’ve got rear locking, front rear lock, and your axle unlock. You got your sway bar, column shift. A cool thing about this one is you do have a seat here. So it is a six-seater. If we look up there is a sunroof.

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Power-sliding window in the back. Slide around to the side. Alright, we’re in the back if you look underneath the floor mat. You’ve got your little cubby hole for beer, or whatever you want to put in there. We flip the seats up, nice little bench that unfolds. Great for dogs, great for storing something, great for just, even more, hauling, whatever you may be doing. Cup holders there, we pull this down. Again leather seats in the back. We pull that down as well.

You’re going to notice the lines going across the rear window that is your rear defrost. Nice to have in the winter time, here in Alberta. Look in the back, you’ve got your spray-in bed liner, you’ve got your box lighting cargo lamp up top. If we go all the way around you will notice that the bumper is chrome in the back. You’ve got your park sensors, backup camera.

Everything you can imagine. Power Wagon written which I think is a cool touch to the Power Wagon. That is a 2017 Ram 2500 Power Wagon 6.4L HEMI. If you want to take a little bit closer look at it feel free to give us a call 780-942-3629. You can also reach out to sales@redwaterdodge.com. We hope to see you down here.

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