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By October 29, 20162017 Vehicle Reviews

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Good afternoon internet. Travis here at Redwater Dodge. Today we’re going to be going over one of the newly released, new to land, and new to Redwater, new to you, 2017 Ram 1500 SXT. What separates ST and the SXT is an appearance group and obviously a couple of interior options as well.

You’ve got the beautiful chrome clad front grille separated only by this beautiful black honeycomb grille inserts there’s four of them chrome-clad front bumper big, and bright Lexan coated headlights. They’re not going to chip, crack, break, implode explode anything along those lines. Bright white and colour, too fresh; looks like whipping cream. Under the hood, we have a 5.7L HEMI, one of the most decorated engines of all times according to me, and what I say goes because I’m the boss. Everything you need to have access to under the hood is going to be openly and easily marked. You can clearly see your positive battery terminal obviously it’s opposing side has the negative. Which we’re going to stay away from, no negative for anyone especially, not me. You’ve got your dipstick there for your engine oil.  That’s the cap there for the engine, oil dipstick over there for transmission fluids, windshield washer fluid, radiator fluid we’ve got sound dampening material there which is also flame retarded.  So God forbid your motor light on fire plastic clips melt and boom the flame retardant thing comes down douse the flames.

17-inch rims with a Goodyear Wrangler rubber all-terrain, all season ready to go. HEMI 5.7L badging, Ram 1500 badging. You’ve got your heated mirrors there it does have the keyless entry right on the fob lock and unlock. Premium cloth, so we’ve got your power doors we’ve gone over that we’ve got your power windows there. It is s brand-new vehicle it obviously does have the auto headlights two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive lock, four-wheel low.

Quad cab but still boasts plenty of room you’ve got to your media center here you do have the air-conditioning here as well it is a bench seat in the front super nifty we need extra space for people. The shallow console provides room for an auxiliary cord and USB.  Got these beautiful RAM floor mats down here. Being a quad cab obviously, they are not as big as a crew cab. Otherwise, there would only be one size, and it would be called crew cab or quad cab.  Then there wouldn’t be a difference you see what I did there? Still ample enough space to have people sit back here and enjoy road trips with you. Seats fold up as one piece with a little bit of storage space underneath as well nice to have tha. 

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Take a peek at the back  Got a little bit of a longer box here for you; it is a 6’4″ box. Definitely space to throw a quad dirt bike, a load of gravel whatever the case may be. You’ve got the trailer tow prep group here, so you got 7- and four-pin wiring, the class 5 receiver. You’re not gonna have to worry about any bumper pull trailer.  This one’s got some nice from factory mud flaps on it as well. Sirius Satellite Radio capable, one solid rear back window. A few minor changes from year to year for sure. As a 2017 release we’re going to be looking to do more and more videos on them get a little bit in depth and kinda show you what exactly is changing we’re starting from the ground up with SXT we’re gonna get into up more upgraded trim levels from here.

For more information about this truck, the rest of our 2017 inventory, or even some of our used vehicles visit our website that’s www.RedwaterRam.com.  Take advantage of our live chat feature. The live chat as I’ve said in past videos will put you in direct contact with one of the salespeople. So you’re not going to be talking to some random person. We also have access to all the inventory in our lot so any questions we are fully-equipped to answer them feel free to give us a call as well 780 942 3629. If that is moving a little too fast for you feel free to shoot off an email sales@redwaterdodge.com. Thank you for watching, thank you for putting up my horrible jokes and puns, we’ll see again. Redwater Dodge is #1 — thanks concerned citizen.

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