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Good Afternoon Internet, today we’re going to be going over one of the new 2017 Ram 1500 trucks. Like we have been going over we just keep going up and up and up in trim level.

Parked behind me is the 1500 Sport Series, Max Steele in colour. A little bit wet, we had a slightly rainy day in Redwater today. An unbelievable colour. Specific to the Sports segment of 1500 is the colour match front and rear bumpers this is where it all begins.

You’ve got your Ram active air grille inserts there as well, chrome clad the actual four crossing of the grill painted to match as well. You got your projector style lenses, a nice little chrome piece fitted on the outside there some LED work. A very snazzy looking Lexan coated light, fog lamps, Sport hood.

Come around the side you’re looking at 20-inch Goodyear Wrangler rubber wrapped around a 20-inch solid Sport Rim; it’s not a hubcap, it’s not a cover. 5.7 litre HEMI giving you just about 400 horsepower.  Paired with the eight-speed TorqueFlite transmission, you’re going to get in impeccable fuel economy. As well with the 8-speed transmission, you’re gearing is rated more towards towing to give you better fuel mileage while towing, better power while towing and just better everything. 8-Speed is better. Speaking of towing trailer tow mirrors that flip up.

This one comes fully-equipped with the Proximity Entry as well that means that I can get in and out unlock and lock the vehicle just by using my hands as long as you have the fob on my person or within a reasonable distance of the truck. Push the button to lock, sensor work to open.

We’re gonna take a peek on the inside there. This truck did just get here, so we’re dealing with a little plastic still. This one has the full-leather interior, meaning you have the ventilated or air-conditioned seats as well as the heated seats. You do have the heated wheel, integrated trailer brake as well.  As I, mentioned it to 8-speed TorqueFlite transmission, so you do have the dial there. 8.4-inch touchscreen fully equipped with your satellite radio, all of your controls and your apps and stuff are gonna be on here.  As far as your navigation goes and your heated seats and everything like that you can drag-and-drop using the touchscreen similar to how an iPhone is.

It’s got the updated Alpine stereo, leather dash – beautiful grey stitching here. This one’s got the sunroof as well, power sliding rear window, patented center console by Ram. You’ve got your shallow console here for your change, your auxiliary port, your USB, things of that nature. Then you have your deeper console here that’s where you hide all the cheezies. Push button start, 4- 4×4 options including four wheel drive Auto. Take a peek in the back. It is a full-size crew cab, so you have all of the room in the world. The seats do fold up. One side is going to have a woofer underneath; that’s just part of the Alpine speaker package there. The other side is where you’re going to have a little bit storage space. As I mentioned in the previous trim levels, this does fold out creating a completely flat surface. You’ve got some in floor storage down there as well.

2017-ram-1500Photos and Pricing Redwater Button Financing Redwater Button

This big bag just houses some of the components for the interior of the vehicle as far as your rubber floor matting and stuff like that goes. Spray-in bedliner taken care of from factory for ya. As I mentioned colour match front as well number bumpers. You can see the parking sensor sticking out there. We’ve got seven- and four-pin wiring as well as a class five receiver there. Backup camera tucked safely away.

You’ve got the LEDs inside your box here they’re sensory so essentially if it gets dark outside your loading things up your dirt bike, your quad, your groceries whatever the case may be. You’re not going to have to worry about doing it in the dark.

So for more information on this 2017, Ram 1500 Sport feel free to visit our website www.redwaterram.com, take advantage of the live chat feature. Using the live chat puts you directly in contact with the salesperson at Redwater Dodge. All of our inventory is within walking distance; so we will be able to answer any and all of your questions in a timely fashion.

For an even quicker response feel free to give us a shout at the store 780-942-3629. If that’s all moving a little too quick for you feel free to send us an email sales@redwaterdodge.com. Stay tuned for the next 2017 video.

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