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By October 29, 20162017 Vehicle Reviews

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Hey Guys,  Tyler here from Redwater Dodge. Home of the $10 oil change. I have behind me a brand-new 2017 Ram 1500 Longhorn, of my favourite trucks.

Going to take you through it, we’re going to do a complete walk around. So we might as well start in the front. Let you take a look at your traditional Longhorn grille. Kind of looks like barbed wire to me so I think it looks mean. Pop the hood here let you take a look underneath. You got your 5.7L HEMI. Your air intake is there, and then anything yellow is probably what you’re gonna be checking daily.  Your battery is right there as well. So looking at a few more the features.

You’ve got your front sensors, two trailer tow hooks, fog lights down below, projector style headlights; Lexan coated.  This edition is in the black as you can see there’s the chrome bumper which matches nicely with the chrome grille. Slide around the side you have your Goodyear Wrangler tire and your Longhorn rim. Badging says HEMI 5.7 Litre Laramie Longhorn. You have your trailer tow mirror, chrome to match the bumper and the grill.

The mirrors are heated, signal light there. This one comes with the running boards; chrome handles on the doors, Proximity Entry.

I’ll let you take a look while I jump around. Alright, so woodgrain interior, also on the steering wheel. As you can see this is so brand-new, the steering wheel is still wrapped. 8.4 UConnect Screen comes up with an absolute awesome background with the Longhorn head behind it.  Looks wicked. You got your trailer brake control there. You’ve got heated seats, vented seats, heated steering wheel, park assist on the front and in the rear.


Photos and Pricing Redwater Button Financing Redwater Button

I think that’s kind of badass. Plug-in whenever you need to plug in a laptop, phone whatever the case may be. You can tuck your phones there. This slides closed if you want to keep some valuables in there.  With the woodgrain. Take a look at the inside; you got your shallow console, your deep console still comes with CD player in case you use that. Slide that back comes with sunroof, power sliding window in the back. Bluetooth, adjustable pedals, eight-speed transmission.  Your leather seat, brown, I think we call that Cognac. Take a look at the back, CrewCab.

If you look on the floor a place to maybe store some cold beverages. Pull that down, keep people entertained. More cup holders there.  Heated seats in the back to keep your guests nice and warm. Nice little accent here. This fold out, you got your belt buckle on the back there.

Alright, spray-in bed liner, you got your box lighting, Cargo lamp on the back. Back-up camera, more Longhorn badges, backup sensors and your chrome bumper to match the front and match some of the chrome that’s on the vehicle.  Your trailer tow wiring ready to go 4- and 7- pin.  That is your receiver hitch and dual exhaust. Beautiful truck obviously we’d love to see you come down and take it for a spin and hopefully see you drive away in it.

Feel free to give us call 780-942-3629, or you can reach out to us at sales@redwaterdodge.com. We would love to have you down here. Would love to see you for the $10 oil change as well.

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