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By December 20, 20162017 Vehicle Reviews

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Good afternoon Internet Travis here at Redwater Dodge, Facebook’s favourite salesperson coming to you live from the home of the $10 Oil change and RigReadyRam.Today we’re going over one of the newest in Jeep Grand Cherokee’s lineup. This 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee is fully-loaded with the Trailhawk luxury group. Now seeing as it’s a Trailhawk it’s got a couple of added options as far as appearance package go we’ve got the decals on the front,  bright red tow hooks,  black accents all throughout the grille, and beautiful red outlining on the Jeep emblems. When I say fully-loaded, I mean fully-loaded. With the parking sensors in the front fully-equipped with the adaptive cruise control, the adaptive cruise control is a great feature because you can actually mitigate the distance on the interior vehicle simply using an up or down feature similar to what you’d use for your regular cruise control. Lexan Coated projection style lenses in the front fully-equipped with fog lamps as well one of the biggest upgrades for the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk is that there is a layer of Kevlar on your tires. This is probably the toughest tire Goodyear Wrangler Rubber all-season trail rated, we’ve got your nice exterior signal lights on the outside of your mirrors. The mirrors are heated as well keyless entry and proximity entry so as long as you have the key fob on you, you can get in and out of the vehicle.

We’re going to take a look on the inside now. Obviously, we’re sitting on the inside of the vehicle but I wanted to touch on a couple of exterior features as well so obviously being a Trailhawk it’s got the upgrade skid plates on the bottom you have a little bit more off-road capability especially with those Goodyear Wrangler rubber with the Kevlar coating on.


Photos and Pricing Redwater ButtonFinancing Redwater Button

Let’s talk on the interior you’re going to notice the seats are eerily similar to a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8. I do believe they did that for a stylistic reason, and it’s really going to be comfortable leather-wrapped heated steering wheel with the Trailhawk emblem this is after the controls for your adaptive cruise control, a beautiful digital display and beautiful digital tachometer push button start. The seats are heated, you’ve also got sport mode you’ve got the lane departure control, so it’ll beep and let you know when cars are getting too close to you or getting too close to cars. Power seats fully-equipped with the air ride, that’s how you control your air ride there select track 4×4 you got snow mode, sand mode, or auto mode. Take a peek in here you’ve got a couple of things that you can plug in as far as music goes you got your auxiliary cord USB you’ve also got room for an SD card or a memory card, and you also got your 12-volt cigarette lighter/phone charge.  Taking a peek in the center console you got a shallow console at the top for stowing change your insurance papers and things along those lines. The deeper console in the bottom another 12-volt charger you’re going to notice a dual pane panoramic sunroof, we’ve got these nice black accents on the inside of the doors if you want to take a look there. The handles are chrome clad as well got a couple of really nice options in the backseat for those passengers driving home from a road trip. A couple of USB ports you’ve also got the ability to change settings for your climate back here rear seats are heated we’ve got a full rubber floor mats throughout, same type of seating in the back as in the front centerfolds down to either separate the people back here or to make room for bevvies.

Take a look at the back, we’ve got the parking sensors in the rear as well as a receiver hitch 7 and 4 wiring, you can pretty well pull pull any bumper pull trailer, going to be taking a look auto liftgate backup camera To operate the auto liftgate to make it come down there’s a button right here don’t be trying to yank on it going or pull on it you got these nice little skid plates back here so if you’re putting anything in or out of the vehicle obviously not going to worry about scuffing up scratching up the carpet privacy screen I like to use a couple of different examples for this obviously it’s Christmas we don’t want anyone to see what you’ve got your kids if you don’t want them to come and snoop or see or anybody in the parking lot you’re worried about someone breaking in there taking your toys, terrible You can cover up the privacy screen or if it’s really hot day and trying to deflect the sunlight boom privacy super easy to use got a full-size spare tire here and all the equipment necessary to change the tires under there as well again very easy to get to sensor for your auto liftgate so as soon as  it feels a force it goes right back up you’re not going to have to worry about kids crawling in and out or anything along those lines and getting smushed. I’ve been waiting for the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk for a long time like I mentioned it is fully-loaded probably has every single option under the sun. If you can think of something that it doesn’t have, please let me know it’s also got a shark fin which just means Sirius Satellite radio.

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