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By November 19, 20162017 Vehicle Reviews

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Good Evening Internetland and all of you people out there on your mobile devices. Travis here coming to you live on behalf of Redwater Dodge. Today we’re going to be taking a; not so brief look at another one of our 2017 new releases. You are looking at the number one draft pick for the compact SUV segment I had to kind of space things out because I read that if you space things out people look like, oh my god what’s happening? what’s happening? suspense! Now there is suspense and I have you know delved into what it’s about. You’re excited…2017 Jeep Compass this is the High-Altitude package, fully-equipped with your 2.4L dual overhead cam engine, It’s also got the variable valve timing as well; what all that jibber-jabber essentially means is that you know…power, fuel economy, little bit of towing capability..but mostly fuel economy.

Perfect for students or people commuting back and forth who want to be in something a little bit bigger than a car who have the capabilities of a 4×4 as well. Oh my goodness, can’t close the hood. We’ve got big, and bright Lexan coated headlights fully-equipped with the fog lamps down there as well. Fog Lamps are a major key in Berta winters, when frost and snow is flyin’. Take a look beautiful Kumo rubber wrapped around that solid Jeep rim. That is a beautiful sight, no hubcaps, nothing along those lines. Nitrogen-filled so obviously your ride quality and the fuel economy you’re going to receive while riding on nitrogen; is going to be much greater than riding on standard air. You can replace the nitrogen with standard air if the nitrogen for some reason to psshhh, leak out.  

Were going to take a peek on the inside we do have the keyless entry, boom, unlocked. Holy heck, it’s beautiful leather interior, beautiful leather wrapped steering wheel, we’ve got heated seats in here, automatic transmission, 4×4 full-time four-wheel-four for when you know engage it. That means that the power distributed to the front and rear end is gonna be fifty percent 50-percent, 25-25, 25-25, whatever the case may be. We’ve also got beautiful, beautiful air conditioning system sunroof as well. I mention the heated seats, but that’s a huge thing for me in the wintertime, heated seats. Taking a look in the back this isn’t really gonna show you much about 3’8″ 3’8″, plenty of room I definitely would have no problem cruising around in this is one of my Ambres decided to take me somewhere and put me in the back as if I was being chauffeured.

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“What about storage space? Because I have so much going on and I’m always like throwing stuff in the bag and all the other things?” well let me tell you something this 2017 Jeep Compass High-Altitude pack booyakasha! A ton of storage space. Seats fold back; seats fold forward. Look at all this space, literally I could lie in there. Your spare tire and all the things necessary to swap out your standard to spare tire; right in this super interesting little nook here.

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Feel free to email me sales@redwaterdodge.com. Thank you so much for watching this has been another episode of what we have for 2017, back to the future Marty McFly styles, thanks for watching.

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