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By November 9, 20162017 Vehicle Reviews

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Hey guys, Tyler here from Redwater Dodge; Home of the $10 oil change. Today we’re going to go through an in-depth video on a 2017 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk this is, if I wasn’t driving a truck, what I would be driving. I have tried to convince my parents to buy one for two months now; so Mom if you’re watching this is your Jeep. Anyways, we’re going to go through it.

Going to go through some of the features to see you got your LED lights there, those are your daytime projector style down here, fog lights right there, So lots of lighting if you take a look at the side also got your blacked-out rims your trail-rated badging. We’ll go back to the front will show you underneath the hood. Alright, so this has the 3.2L V6 lots of horsepower, gets you by vehicles.

Definitely not going to leave you stranded on the side of the road, your battery right here, windshield washer fluid,  there’s your oil dipstick there. Anything with a yellow cap you’re going to be checking probably often, or somewhat often if you’re good at maintaining your vehicle. Trailer tow hooks in the front lots of clearance, which is nice.

That’s one of the nice things I like about the Trailhawk; especially with our winters here in Alberta. Proximity entry, so if I were to hit the black button, I would lock it. If I slide my hand behind it, obviously I open the door. I’ve already got it unlocked let’s take a look inside leather seats, you have power seats on the driver-side, get the manual seat on this side, though. You have the electronic part brake, you got heated seats, vented seats, heated steering wheel. 8.4 UConnect screen, park assist (which you can turn off if you need), nice, full panoramic sunroof. I don’t know if you can see it properly right now it looks like it’s only just the shield but definitely, a great feature to have. You have Bluetooth cruise, you got your select terrain. You can select essentially what you’re driving on, as well as all your media options down there at the console in the middle. Another USB port there another place to plug in, CD player tucked away. Alright, we’ll jump in the back. Lots of room in the back even for me who’s 6’1″ and way too many pounds, cup holder there in the middle again, leather seats in the back obviously the match the stuff in the front. You also have a plugin in the back in case the kids need to plug-in iPads or whatever the case may be.


Photos and Pricing Redwater Button Financing Redwater Button

We’ll switch to all the way in the very very back.  Back up camera, you got your 4×4 badging. Unlocking power liftgate, rubber floor mats, underneath you, got your full-size spare. Vanity cover, covers up groceries, Christmas gifts, whatever you need to hide in the back.  Then if you need some more space unfolds. If I want to shut it, just hit the button, get out of the way, and it closes on its own. Trailer tow hook in the back, receiver hitch, you also get your trailer wiring all ready to go.  On this 2017 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk on the key fob you’ve also got command start and the power liftgate option from the key fob.

So if you would like to take a look at this or Mom if you’re watching, please come down and buy this. You can reach us at 780-942-3629, or you can email us at sales@redwaterdodge.com. Hope to see you down here.

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