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By November 9, 20162017 Vehicle Reviews

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Good Evening Internet, it’s Travis here at Redwater Dodge;  Home of the $10 Oil Change and the Rig Ready Ram. The $10 oil change is for diesels to so remember that. Parked behind me is a Dodge Ram 275,000 NASA spaceship. It’s a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica now i’m sure most of you know that the Chrysler Pacifica was actually created to replace the Chrysler Town and Country.

This is the Touring Edition. The Touring Edition is the entry level, but it comes fully-equipped with all kinds of luxurious features. Obviously it’s going to replace a luxurious minivan. It’s actually an MPV a multi-purpose vehicle. So we look under the hood quickly before we get any of the super fun features. Powering the Space Shuttle the 3.6L Pentastar engine with variable valve timing. Variable valve timing to computer control module that controls how fast or slow the valves open and close give you optimal fuel economy, horsepower, and torque weight (also known as torque for those non-Europeans).

Lexan coated projector style lenses, you’ve got the fog lamps there as well. Some beautiful chrome accents the front end almost looks like you have a body kit on it. It doesn’t even really look like a multi-purpose vehicle, not a van from the front. Come check out these Michelins with an 18-inch solid Chrysler Pacifica rim.  If you grab that knock on it’s not a hubcap as a solid rim. Brilliant Black paint, We’ve got keyless entry, we’ve also got the auto door pop for the rear, remote start, and power sliding rear windows, rear doors.

Whatever I guess doors are just bigger windows with handles on them. Whatever, we’ve also got to lock and unlock button push, boom, right? Boom, sensors, because you guys tell their sensors. It’s also got lane-departure it’s got a leather-wrapped heated steering wheel, we’ve got the dial for the transmission in here 7-inch vehicle display center, it’s got the largest in-dash touchscreen in its class or any comparable van or multi-purpose vehicle.


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Fully-equipped with the UConnect entertainment system heated seats, cooled seats it’s got the hands-free Bluetooth. A ton of features, I can’t even go over them all mostly because I forget them because they’re so many.Full Sto N’ Go,  this is your UConnect theater entertainment system. These two things, things, what is the word i’m looking for? Screens, back of seat DVD players; can be synced together to play the same movie, same program or the same game.

They can operate solo on their own so you can have one kid over here who’s like 27 and still lives of you for some reason; it doesn’t make any sense, and he’s playing games. Then you have the kid over there should be living with you because he’s only eight and he’s watching a movie that he likes. No one’s fighting or really speaking and you guys are up here drinking coffee doing trips having a great time. We’re going to close the door which is automatic because you’re driving the Bentley of minivans.

Come around to the rear we’ve got a backup camera it’s just 57 feet in the air right now.  Incredible easy to operate the stuff guys it literally gives you step-by-step instructions in the rear. Obviously, the Sto N’ Go is the same as it’s always been so we’re just going to follow the steps. One, and then we’re going to do the number two, and then three will just be a little push down. Completely flat surface you could fit a ton of human beings alive or dead whatever your preference in the back of this Pacifica.

We’ve also got the power rear shutter it is on a sensor so if your kids are crawling around in the back as soon as it reaches any force or make any contact with a surface that doesn’t really have any give or release it goes back up.

You’re not going to crush your children, or your dog, or your hamster’s your spider collection, or whatever the heck else you like. Look at that; backup camera it does have the parking sensors in the rear as well. Overall, super sleek looking van here this is actually your antenna. Yeah, it’s a shark fin, oh my gosh Street Fighter reference if you guys remember the Street Fighter reference you’ve been kickin’ it for a minute.

Anyway, guys, for more information about the Chrysler Pacifica AKA the Dodge Ram 27,000 NASA Space Shuttle; visit our website redwaterram.com redwaterram.com take advantage of the live chat feature. The live chat feature put it directly in contact with the salesperson in the building.  Not some guy in a basement in Beirut or Kiev, Ukraine. Feel free to give us a shot down here at the store 780-942-3629 if that’s all moving a little too quick for you; you can send us an email sales@redwaterdodge.com.  Thank you so much for watching, and we will see you again.

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