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By January 17, 20172017 Vehicle Reviews

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What’s up Internet Travis here from Redwater Dodge and RigReadyRam. North America’s premium brand of lifted trucks.

Today we’re going to go over something a little bit different than usual. We’re going over one of our showroom specials. You’re looking at the 2017 Chrysler 300 C, which means it’s the top of the line trim level.

Fully loaded with every option available for the year. Beautiful set of 20-inch rims powered by the 5.7 liter HEMI, rear-wheel drive for all the power all the time. Take a look at the front of the beautiful pearl white in colour. Big and bright projector style lens. We’ve got some really nice chrome inserts there. They did a lot of accenting behind the headlights there just to kind of catch your eye. Lexan coated. Big and bright grille, fully equipped with the fog lamps as well. We’ve also got parking sensors in the front as well as adaptive cruise control.

Cool thing about adaptive cruise control, obviously as you’ll never have to take your foot from the gas and brake back and forth to keep the distance in between you and somebody in front of you when you’re in cruise control. Super cool feature.

Come along to the side. Like I mentioned, rolling on 20s sitting on some Firestone Firehawk All-Terrain tires. A little bit lower than usual, super nice looking.

Now we’ve got these kind of metallic chrome looking mirrors. They are heated, they are powerfully equipped to the lane departure system. Come around to this side hop in and take a look at the mirror before you get in, see the lane departure logo there.

Probably one of the classiest interiors that I’ve ever seen and I’ve been in some pretty nice cars in my time. I really like the crossover stitching that they’ve got here. The seats are ventilated, they’re heated, they’re cooled. You’ve also got the heated steering wheel, got the upgrade audio system in this one.

There is a ton of wood in here. You got the wood grain accents on the side also with the cross stitching as well wood grain accents here. Almost a full wood center panel. You got the dial for transmission. Here’s the controls for your adaptive cruise control, hands-free Bluetooth, paddle shifters, huge 8.4 inch touchscreen, push button start. You’ve got sport mode. You also have the ability to turn your traction control off for doing speed things when you’re in sport mode. Beautiful LED lighting for your 7inch vehicle display center there. Full panoramic sunroof.

Take a look at some of the storage options here. You’ve got heated and cooled cupholders and behind that beautiful wood grain there pop that open there you got a little 12 volt charger there, space for a little bit of change. Taking a look at the center console, more space for more change, more chargers. You’ve also got your social, your social media. I spend too much time online. You got your media hub there as well so you’ve got a couple of USB ports as well as an auxiliary port.


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We’re going to take a look in the back. Somebody was obviously Don Corleone for some reason and leaning all the way back. Sometimes I feel those guys take naps, but don’t tell anybody else.

You’ve got cup holders in the center as well as a little bit of storage space there so if you’ve got any games or anything along those lines sitting back there. The seats in the rear are also heated. You’ve also got these two USB ports here in the back.

Child safety ready, so you’ve got all the connections that you need to put a car seat in here and not worry about your kids flying all over the place. Coming around to the back of the back.

We do have a backup camera, we got the parking sensors in the rear, we’ve also got the dual exhaust, Chrysler logo, 300 C logo.  Boom! One pop to get into the trunk I’m not going to make any Sopranos references but you sure can fit a lot of stuff in there that would be relative to cut up people or maybe they’re not cut up… maybe that was a little too, was that a little too gruesome? Little too gruesome take that back. Rewind and I’ll just do it again!

300 is definitely one of my favourite vehicles, I’ve always been a fan of larger sedans. They’ve done some pretty awesome things as far as remodeling the exterior. Obviously it still looks like a Chrysler 300 but there’s a lot of finesse going on in this car here.

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