2016 Ram Rebel Review

By November 6, 20152016 Vehicle Reviews

The 2016 Ram Rebel proves you can have it all with functionality, performance and style. This truck stands out in the crowd no matter where you are going. Take it downtown or off-road, and prepare to be impressed.

Modern design is seen in the sports-style hood while the updated front and rear end enhance the profile of the 2016 Ram Rebel. A blacked-out grille highlights the Billet Silver Ram badge to ensure this truck stands out in the crowd. Projector-style headlamps and fog lamps light up the night while Toyo all-terrain tires on 17-inch rims take you off the beaten path. Updated tow hooks in the front improve the capability of this versatile truck. Black badging with the new Ram badge is showcased on the tailgate. Black powder-coated front and rear bumpers continue the impressive design while the available RamBox Cargo Management system offers functionality with dry, secure storage for your tools.  

Inside the 2016 Ram 1500 Rebel, you have all of the amenities you could ask for, including heated seats and a heated steering wheel. Radar Red vinyl bucket seats feature black fabric inserts and offer sophisticated style and comfort. Heated seats and a heated steering wheel enhance your winter travels, while the power 10-way adjustable driver seat with lumbar support wraps you in luxury. Stay informed and connected with Uconnect multimedia system with Bluetooth. Ample storage space comes from in-floor and under-seat compartments along with the centre console. Slip it into off-road mode and enjoy maximum clearance. Enjoy a smooth ride with the air-ride suspension while you listen to your Alpine stereo. Easy access comes from the 8.4-inch touchscreen for your favourite apps.

A 5.7L HEMI engine powers the 2016 Ram Rebel with an eight-speed automatic transmission. Choose 4×2 on the road or switch to 4×4 when you need a little more traction. Watch the 7-inch vehicle display for the information you need about your vehicle’s performance.

2016 Ram Rebel Engine

  • 5.7L HEMI: 395 horsepower with 410 lb-ft of torque

Enhanced safety is seen in the ParkView rear backup camera and sensing system. Try out the 2016 Ram Rebel for yourself with a test drive at Redwater Dodge. Take it out on the road and see how well it handles. Stop by and drive a new Ram truck home today.

2016 Ram 1500

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Video Transcript

Whoa, man, what day is it? Great Scot, I’ve overshot. Ladies and gentlemen, on this day, October 23rd, 2015 I have successfully returned from October 23rd, 2016 to bring you this great piece of industrial revolution. You’re looking at future technology. This is a 2016 Ram Rebel, still a little wet from our travels, but that’s all right. Very similar to the 2015 Ram Rebel. Beautiful, beautiful. Toyo all-terrain rubber, 17-inch rims, Xenon, coated projector style lens. New improved front and rear end. Sports-style hood, projector-style lenses for the fog lamps. Totally redone tow hooks in the front. Just a beautiful piece of innovation. Let’s get inside.

Beautiful Ram Rebel, custom interior. I’m going to go over a few of the features here today. Buckle up for safety. Trust me, where we’re going, you don’t need roads. We’re going to use them, but I mean, with the Ram Rebel, you don’t need them. I’m going to show you why. Look at how high we can go. Fully equipped with air ride suspension. What we’re doing right now, if you’ll notice the front of the vehicle specifically, we’re going into what’s called off-road mode, giving you maximum clearance. That, in culmination with the beefed-up suspension and the actual level from factory gives you all the clearance in the world to go wherever you want. Hence, why I said, where we’re going you don’t need roads. Fully outfitted with the Alpine sound system. It lets you know off-road ride height has been achieved. It does have the beautiful 8.4-inch touchscreen and everything you’re going to need to have access to on the screen. Pretty much has an analog control at the bottom, so your heated seats, your heated steering wheel is controllable down here as well as it is up here in controls. You can essentially turn on your backup camera and drive forward. I can see what’s behind me at all times. Basically personal preference, if you want to look behind and drive forward, that’s your own thing. You have Sirius satellite radio, FM, AM. Your apps are all going to be here if you want to take a more broad look at everything the vehicle offers technologically. Anyway, everything you’re going to look at is going to be on the 8.4-inch touchscreen when you hit the Apps button. We’re going to go back to radio. 8-speed transmission, obviously. It does have the cruise control, gear-up and gear-down option. I know the rules of the road because the law is all. Sunroof. We’re in two-wheel drive currently, four-wheel drive lock, four-wheel drive loop are the other options. We’re going to wait for the oncoming traffic because hitting that is not a smart move. He was excited to look at us.

Powered by a 5.7L HEMI, you’re going to get approximately 395 horsepower, 400-410 lb-ft of torque. An incredible ride. With the Toyo all-terrains, they are definitely aggressive enough to get where you need to go. There’s not a lot of road noise. I can probably whisper and you could hear me right now because the cabin is so tightly sealed and soundproof, you can’t hear anything on the outside. Leather-wrapped steering wheel. Did I mention it was heated? I’m pretty sure I mentioned it was heated. There’s beautiful red accents all throughout the cab of the truck. That’s custom and specifically done for the Rebel interior. It gives it a little bit of pop. You actually have power folding mirrors. I’m going to click the right mirror. I’m going to click the power-fold button. Boom! And I’ll unfold it for you here. You never need to physically get in or out of the vehicle. We’re going to take a bit of a turn here. Yeah, the big seven-inch vehicle display, a standard feature in your Ram lineup. It’s got anything from the speedometer to all the vehicle information you require. Oil temperature, oil life, things of that nature. That’s all going to be on the seven-inch vehicle display centre. It also does have the power rear sliding window, which is controlled by a button up here. Incredibly futuristic. We’d better stop because that’s what the sign says. And unfortunately, they still have street signs in 2016.

Driving around beautiful Redwater, Alberta, give you guys an interactive experience because the last video did so well. So well. Trav really enjoys all of his fans. That’s the first time I’ve referred to myself in the third person for a very long time, and I did it specifically for this video. I literally held it in until this moment happened. Another wicked feature that I like about the Ram lineup is that it does give you the universal garage door opener. You can actually sync yourself to up to three different garage doors. So, you and a close group of friends or you and your current girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, your wife. Whatever the situation may be, you can just hook it up to their garages, open up your stuff, leave your stuff at one place, take it to another place. Anyways. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for boarding Doc Brown Tours, Back to the Future volume numero uno at Redwater Dodge. We do appreciate your support, guys. And you’ll notice a lot of similarities obviously from the 2015 to the 2016 Ram Rebel. It’s got the air-ride suspension, a little more aggressive for the off-road. It’s got brilliant features interior-wide. It’s sleek, it’s useful. The functionality and the look of the vehicle definitely go hand in hand. Ten out of ten for me. Ram Rebel – still so much to offer.

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