2016 Ram 3500 | BlackTop Laramie | RRR | Edmonton, AB

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Get the best lifted truck on the market from Redwater Dodge and Rig Ready Rams. These trucks offer a more aggressive rim and tire combo with 37” tires. The 2016 Ram 3500 Blacktop Laramie features Toyo Mud Terrain tires with 20” XD series rim.

This 2016 Ram 3500 Blacktop Laramie comes with a 6” BDS lift kit and stabilizer. Fox 2.0 shocks offer more support than standard versions. Rig Ready Rams are put through 500 km of driving and then re-inspected. Painted-to-match pocket-style fenders and rocker panel mud flaps protect the truck from chips and flying debris. One person does all of the builds to provide consistency in the end product, using top of the line equipment.

2016 Ram 3500 Photos and Pricing Redwater Button Financing Redwater Button

If you’re interested in a custom lifted truck, choose Rig Ready Rams. Stop by Redwater Dodge and learn more about these trucks. Find one for sale or customize your own for a unique ride.

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