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Good afternoon Internet, it’s Travis here at Redwater Dodge. Today we are in the showroom and we are going to do a very special walkaround today. Parked behind me I have a 2016 Ram 1500 Rebel! This is one of the numbered trucks it was not mass produced, there is only about 500 of these put into production with the Mopar appearance pack.

Now, this one here is number 402 out of 500 so we are just about at the end of the line. The first thing you are going to notice is it is plain red, it obviously comes with all your traditional Rebel styling except with the Mopar pack it’s got an upgraded fender flair, a power steering skid plate, it’s got the Mopar decals that are basically specialized only for these trucks.

Flame red, plex and coated projector style lenses not going to chip, crack or break or anything along those lines. A full metal bumper in the front, as well as the rear. Obviously the decoid, powered by a 5.7 litre 8 cylinder hemi. HB TorqueFlite transmission, your battery is right there everything you’ll need to have access to under the hood is super easy to get to. Your battery terminals are there, positive and negative, your fuse box is there clearly marked. Your dot 3 fluid clearly marked, engine oil that your dipstick to check. Engine oil to fill. Little light in here if you’re in a dimly lit space.

Cool thing I’d like to mention about this felt seaming material is it was originally created to dampen the road noise when you’re driving a vehicle, but a super neat feature is that all these plastic clips here god forbid anything under the hood decided to light on fire those plastic clips would melt and this is actually flame retardant and the flames are doused.

Let’s take a peek along the driver’s side. You’ve obviously got your Ram Rebel rims with your Toyo All Terrain Open Country rubber. Along with the Toyo it is a little bit more of an aggressive rubber there definitely a little bit more aggressive than your standard all terrain tire. It is a 17inch Ram Rebel rim fully equipped with the air ride suspension from factory.

You guys are going to notice the pin-stripping and the Mopal decaling down the side of the vehicle. You’ve got your cab length running boards there as well. Proximity entry, as long as you have the key fob on you, you can get in or out of the vehicle, you can lock and unlock with just basically sensor systems.

Taking a peek on the inside. So you’ve got your Ram Rebel specific interior obviously we’ve got the tire tread off to the center, we’ve got here leather outline on the side you’ve got your Ram heads embossed into the side as well. Power on the driver as well as the passenger side. Over here you’ve actually got the Mopar signature badging, Mopar 16 package #402 out of 500. We do have the upgraded Alpine stereo in this unit, that is a 9 speaker and woofer system. 8.4 inch touchscreen, you will notice that you have the heated seats as well as the heated steering. Air ride controls, integrated trailer brake, you’ve got 2 wheel drive, 4 wheel lock, 4 wheel low. Obviously the 8 speed torqueflite transmission.

In conjunction with the 8.4 inch touch screen you do have a backup camera and you can actually control all these analog features electronically on your screen. You do have cruise control, hands free Bluetooth, fully equipped with a sunroof as well.

Take a look in the back seat. You are going to notice you’ve got the heavy duty Ram floor mats all throughout the vehicle. The last thing you want to do is spend this kind of money on a truck and mess up the carpet and stuff underneath. We’ve also got the in-floor storage on either side. The good thing about the in floor storage is that the containers are actually removable. So god forbid a can of pop or something bursts inside there, just take it out, spray it out and it is good as new.

We’ve also got a little bit of a space saver under the seat, it folds out to create a completely flat surface whether you’re carrying groceries or something or helping move a friend something along those lines the last thing you want to do is scrape up your leather, scratch it up. This obviously prevents you from doing so. Or if you have dogs, the perfect place to keep the dogs, lay some blankets down and you’re not going to have to worry about vacuuming the whole inside of your truck. Under this side I obviously have my Alpine subwoofer. Under the seat on that side there is a little bit of a storage space as well.

Come around to the back. You are looking at a Ram Mopar Tri-fold tonneau cover, it actually comes as a part of the Mopar appearance group. Its got the embossed Ram head as well. These black rims are also apart of the Mopar pack as well. You do get all 4 of them. Fully equipped with a spray in bedliner.

Do you have any idea how easy it is to use the tonneau cover? I will give you a quick demonstration. There is just a lever on either side, very easy to get to, very easy to see, and it just folds three times, clips in. You are not going to have to worry about it waving all over the place or anything along those lines. It is curved obviously to stop moisture from pooling at the top and creating a sag in your tonneau cover cause that can get kind of ugly.

Its got these beautiful LEDs in the tailgate as well if you’re loading anything up at night time. Dirt bikes, quads, groceries, whatever the case may be you’re not going to have to worry about running and bumping into stuff, smashing it all over the box, cause you will be able to see that.

Sirius satellite radio capable as well, as I mentioned full metal bumper on the front and rear, it does have a backup camera, tucked safely away into the handle of the tailgate. You’ve got your continued Mopar decaling all throughout to the back of the tailgate, dual exhaust, 7 & 4 pin wiring, class 5 receiver here, big bold RAM, Rebel logo, most importantly the Redwater Dodge sticker.

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For more information guys on this truck as I mentioned it is a numbered truck, it was not mass produced we have number 402 sitting here. 500 trucks for a whole nation is not a lot so give us a shout today the number down here at the store is (780) 942-3629 or go ahead and give us an email sales@redwaterdodge.com or visit our website redwaterram.com. Feel free to use the live chat feature, the live chat feature plugs you in directly to one of the sales associates here at Redwater Dodge and we are more than capable of answering your questions.

Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you again!

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