2016 Dodge Grand Caravan CVP at Redwater, AB

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Good Afternoon Internet, Travis here Facebook’s Favourite Salesperson, today I promised you a full-scale walk-around on the Grand Caravan with no antics, shenanigans, or smoke screens. First things first I want to start the video off a little bit of holiday cheer. At Redwater Dodge we are running a very special promotion.  As far as I know it only goes until the end of December but here it is. So we have an excess of Grand Caravans here now there are no strings attached, there are no hooks, there’s no smoke and mirrors.

If you come down and take the time to test drive a Grand Caravan, even if you have no intention of purchasing one, we will give you a certificate worth fifty dollars to the Retreat Hair Salon in Fort Saskatchewan. So you can get your hair did, all for taking 30 minutes out of your day to go for a test drive.

No strings attached you don’t even have to purchase. Obviously, the end goal is to move some Grand Caravans, but we’re throwing away some of these things if you’re interested in going for a test drive. Now because we are in an excess of Grand Caravans, I’m going to go over one. We’re going over a little bit of information, and you’re going to leave this video feeling very knowledgeable in regards to a 2016 Grand Caravan.

So what we’re looking at here is a 2016 Grand Caravan SE also known as the Canada Value Package. Fully-equipped with the keyless entry, this one’s the Granite Crystal in colour, you’ve got the Lexan coated headlights Not gonna chip, crack, break or anything along those lines. Very sleek looking van. Nice little hubcaps there. We got the all season Yokohama’s on there. Very durable solid tire definitely good for the winter.  I’m actually a huge fan of the Grand Caravan as far as handling and driving goes; especially in the Alberta winters. We’ve got your black mirrors that perfectly match your black handles. The mirrors are heated, so you don’t have to worry about them frosting up or anything along those lines when you’re driving. Take a quick peek on the inside.


Photos and Pricing Redwater ButtonFinancing Redwater Button

We’ve got some premium cloth here, cruise control, this is a brand new unit 157 kilometres that’s probably from a few back-and-forth trips here and there. Fully-equipped with the Pentastar V6 motor you’re gonna be looking at the best-in-class as far as fuel mileage and things along those lines go. Your audio controls just on the back of the steering wheel here, nice little shifter up there and the dash frees up a lot of center console space and your faub to start it goes in there. AM/FM radio also does have a CD player up there as well, dual climate control which is nice so if the drivers hot or cold the passenger doesn’t necessarily have to deal with that as well. We’ve got the Economy Mode take a look at the back here. So you’re going to notice there’s a ton of space when you open up the rear sliding doors. The Grand Caravan is one of the easiest minivans to get in and out of as far as actual space of the doors. The center seats are removable, aside from that a bonus for the Christmas season is the stowing feature here.  Now in this particular model, the seats don’t necessarily stow into the floor, but you have quite an abundance of cargo space on the floor there for hiding your Christmas presents. We do have the third-row seating as well we’re going to come around to the back and take a better look at that.

Door handle obviously right there. You’ve got a nice little rubber matting here so if we got to get in and out of the van; very easy to do. So taking a look at the back of the Grand Caravan we have ample storage space there if you need to use the third seat. But I’m gonna show you a couple of neat features that I find interesting in regards to the Grand Caravan.  Now the backseat does do quite a bit of folding, but the good thing about the Grand Caravan is that they made it very user-friendly and all the latch they’re numbered so even a fool like me can do it.

So one has already been pulled, and that’s for the headrest, number two is down here, number three is here, and the number four is the last latch. Now by pulling number four, you’re going to fold it completely flat. It does that on both sides so that I will give you a quick demo again. One pops down the headrest; two flip your seats forward, three disengages the seat from the bottom and four pulls it back.

There are a couple of really nice skid plates here on the back, so you’re not scraping or removing any of the carpet or things along those lines. If you remove the center seat and fold these flat, you can easily fit an 8-foot sheet of plywood in the back.

Now I’ve got a couple of wicked things to show you here. What we’re looking at here folks this is the MSRP for the vehicle, the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price that is a suggested price we sell the vehicle for $31,585. Seeing as we are making a valiant effort to get rid of our 2016s including your free certificates to the hair salon in Fort Saskatchewan we’re going to be selling these for invoice price. You’ll notice the invoice price is $30,367. Now we’re also gonna take the rebates off of that price, leaving you with a sale price of $22,762 so, $31,585 MSRP, $22,762 for your out the door sale price. That’s invoice price, less all current rebates and incentives.  

Guys, I want to hammer home one more time. If you or anyone you know is looking to get their hair done; you got a Christmas party coming up, you got Christmas pictures coming up, we got Christmas, in general, coming up. Look good, feel good, things along those lines.  We are giving away these certificates $50 in value for the Retreat Hair Salon in Fort Saskatchewan. Anyone who comes down and test drives a Grand Caravan it could be you, your brother, your mother, your sister, maybe just want to get your hair done. Come down take the time it takes you on a test drive. You don’t have to buy the van to get the gift certificate. Again guys huge savings from $31,585 to $22,762 on all our last remaining 2016 Grand Caravans. Thanks for watching, visit our website for more information www.redwaterram.com. Take advantage of our live chat feature which puts you directly in contact with a salesperson.  Email me travis@redwaterdodge.com. If you don’t want to deal with me, that’s fine email sales@redwaterdodge.com or call the store 780-942-3629. Thanks for watching.

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