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Good Afternoon Internet, Travis here coming to live on behalf of Redwater Dodge. The home of the $10 Oil Change, Rig Ready Rams, and more importantly this truck, car, trade-in that I took it from a friend of mine, a guy who I actually know, who I think is great and I hope is watching this video 2015 Volkswagen Jetta TSI Trendline Plus. First thing you are going to notice is why is the hood a different colour? Well, fear not because underneath this different colour hood is the regular colour hood.

This is actually a brilliant plasti-dip job put onto the sole purpose of protecting the hood from any rockchip things of that nature.; works just as good if not better than 3M because it looks siiick also. I love the Volkswagens. I think they’re incredibly stylish. You’ve got very very high-quality all-season rubber there. I like the little red strip there on the rim that’s a Firestone Tire.  All black everything, we’ve got the keyless entry, the cool thing about the Volkswagen is that you don’t actually notice a locking mechanism that goes up and down.

It’s a little bit of a little laser beam; we’ve got the keyless entry here and for when you’re feeling extra ninja kapoof. Take a beautiful gander; the gander is beautiful, and the car is beautiful. We’ve got some premium cloth seats in here i’m gonna just squeeze right in like a ninja; no problem.  We’ve got a big and bright screen here, leather-wrapped steering wheel, this only has 64,304 kilometers, we’ve got the hands-free Bluetooth there, we do have the heated seats; the buttons for that are right there and there. Fully Sirius Satellite Radio capable, automatic transmission, room for your auxiliary cord, fully-loaded with the sunroof. You ever want to wear some sunglasses; El Chapo AKA me likes to wear glasses, because I have to see and boom if I wasn’t wearing them up there.


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It’s a full-sized sedan, so you’re looking at a good amount of room in the back. Now I’m a midget so I had the seat all the way up on the passenger side and I still fit in there fine. I have plenty of room back here for all kinds of activities mostly sitting don’t know why you would be doing anything else. Also the rear seats are child-friendly so it does have all the necessary hookups for your booster and car seats and things of that nature when the kids like “merh we’re fighting” you’re like no you’re not, no you’re not! Separated…

Another thing that I think is super cool; is the auto trunk popping manual thing. Lock/unlock…and if I knew what I was doing then I would be able to open it but i can’t. Anyway you’re going to have to crawl down here. Packed underneath here is a little backup camera. You can be able to see anything and not worry about backing up into it.  I got some paperwork here for you. I genuinely did take this in from a friend. They traded up to a bigger vehicle for work. His name’s Joe, great guy.

It passed the AMVIC Inspection with flying colours.Only a few kilometers ago signed off by one of our Master Techs there. I got the CarProof here.  No damage records, Alberta registration, never been stolen, wasn’t imported or exported from/to the US for any reason, no recall information available. This is the upper echelon of your traditional winter beater.  This is a perfect car to boot around in from point A to point B in the wintertime.  It’s a perfect car for the summer time as well it’s just the perfect car. Volkswagen makes a very incredible product, they’re incredibly durable, longevity of the Volkswagen is immaculate. There’s almost nothing better except for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram. Definitely close runner-up for me in terms of personal favourites. For more information on the Jetta or any other used inventory or new trade-ins or things of that nature visit www.redwaterram.com. Take a second to use a live chat feature. That’s us on the live chat feature, the sales floor, get directly contact one of us. The quickest way to get a response obviously to give us a call at the store. Call me ask for T-rav or Travis 780-942-3629. If you don’t want to talk to me, but you want to talk to me email me travis@redwaterdodge.com. If for some reason you are not a super cool individual like I assume you are and you don’t want to talk to me email sales@redwaterdodge.com. Somebody else would be more than happy to deal with you, not like I wouldn’t be happy to deal with you it seems like you aren’t happy to deal with me and i’m like I don’t get it man but that’s fine. Thanks for watching the video and there will be more. El Chapo out!

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