2015 Ram 3500 | Blacktop Laramie | Redwater, AB

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2015 Ram 3500 | Blacktop Laramie | Redwater, AB

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You won’t get a better deal than on this 2015 Ram 3500 Laramie Blacktop Edition truck at Redwater Dodge. With only 47,000 km on it, the price is unbeatable. Listed at $71155 for MSRP, this truck is for sale for only $46,997.

The 2015 Ram 3500 Laramie Blacktop Edition is black all over from the grille to the rims to the door handles and mirrors. This model comes with a tonneau cover and the RamBox cargo storage. Colour-matched bumpers enhance the aggressive look of this truck.

Running boards, trailer tow mirrors and mud flaps add convenience to the 2015 Ram 3500. Fender flares and 20” rims are both blacked out and offer aggressive styling to continue the impressive look.

Inside is an all-black cabin with heated front and rear seats and cooled front seats with memory settings. A heated steering wheel keeps your hands warm in the winter. This truck is fully-loaded with Bluetooth and an 8.4” touchscreen.

Powered by a 6.4L engine and featuring three drivetrains, you have all the power you need with the 2015 Ram 3500 Laramie Blacktop Edition. This truck is ready to take on any challenge and it does so in style. Stop by Redwater Dodge to learn more about this model or check out one of our other fantastic pre-owned models.

2015 Ram 3500 Laramie

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Video Transcript

What’s up, Internet? Travis here at Redwater Dodge, coming to you live from our pre-owned section of the lot today. We’re going to be going over something extra special. I know you guys loved that last video on the 2014 Ram 3500 6.4L Dually, so I’m going to bring you something a little bit bigger and better.

You’re looking at a 2015 Ram 3500 Blacktop Laramie with a 6.4L. This one in particular has been getting driven by our financial services director. He hauls his kids around and uses it to take them places in safety and style at the same time. Now, not only is it a demo, it’s a 2015 model, so you can look forward to great discounts like you did with the 2014 that I did the video on.

I brought a little ammunition with me today. I brought the window sticker from Chrysler. It’s going to go over all of the standard equipment and all of the optional equipment. You’re looking at a Blacktop Laramie; it’s fully loaded. Base price with zero options is $61,395. This one clocked out at $71,155. We don’t need that. We’re going to show you the invoice now. The MSRP is $71,155. Our cost on the truck, $64,408 before taxes. That is what we own the truck for at Redwater Dodge. We also don’t need that.

As of right now, I can sell you this truck for $46,997. $46,997. That is almost $30,000 in discounts. You’ve never seen that in your life, you never have. If you say you have or ask me to move off my price, I’m going to lose it because that is the lowest price for anything I’ve ever seen.

The Blacktop model comes with blacked out inserts for your big Lexan-coated headlights, projector-style lenses, fog lamps in the front. Yeah, there’s a rock chip here and there. It’s a black truck; it happens. Heavy-duty tow hooks. Colour-matched front and rear bumpers. Black fender flares, black 20-inch rims. Heavy-duty mud flaps. Your running boards are black, your trailer tow mirrors black, door handles black.

Inside, you guessed it, black. 47,000 km on this truck. So, you save $30,000 for 40,00km. Let’s be realistic. It doesn’t happen like that in the real world. The seats are heated, the seats are cooled, the steering wheel is heated. Integrated trailer brake, three drivetrains: two-wheel drive, four-wheel lock and four-wheel low. Hands-free Bluetooth. 8.4” touchscreen. You’ve got a sunroof, power seats with a memory setting. You’ve got woodgrain accents because it’s a Laramie. Check this out. Baby seat, safety. Rear seats are heated also, so when you’re whipping your kids back and forth to hockey practice, keep their butts warm. I don’t know if that was weird to say, but whatever.

Also, a rare item, it’s got the RamBox. You rarely see the RamBox around anymore, guys. You got one. It’s for you. Tonneau cover, hardtop tonneau cover. Tri-fold. No one is going to spend the time and energy to break into this steel trap. Never. Spray-in bedliner. Speaking of hockey. Our financial services director left his kids; hockey bag in there.

It’s a truck, it does truck things. You haul stuff around. Plenty of room for the dogs, plenty of room for anything really. I’m going to get ready to go, guys, but you’re not going to find a truck like this with these options for this price. Again, $46,997. Backup camera, four-wheel drive. You can basically pull any trailer. Anyway, guys, check the link above and below. It’s going to take you to a page that’s dedicated to more information on this truck and this truck alone. Feel free to browse around if you feel like it. Give us an email at sales@redwaterdodge.com . if you want to email me personally, my email is travis@redwaterdodge.com. The number down here at the store is 780-942-3629. Like I say, guys, take a peek at the links, then call me back and take this truck for a drive. You’re not going to save yourself any more money than $30,000 on anything. I haven’t seen anything like that since I began selling cars when I was 20. 19. So many years ago. Anyway, it was a different age. Get in touch with us, guys, come down and take the truck for a rip. I promise all we’re going to do is save you money. From $71,155 to $46,997. That’s it, I’m leaving. I can’t handle anymore.

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