2015 Ram 2500 Power Wagon | 6.4 Hemi & Winch | Redwater, AB

By December 6, 2016Used Inventory

View Photos and Pricing ButtonFinance This VehicleHey guys. Tyler here. Redwater Dodge. Home of the $10 oil change.

I have with us, one of our brand new used, recent trade-in, I guess you could call it. 2015 Ram 2500 Power Wagon. Cool part about this power wagon, 6.4 Litre HEMI. Got the winch in the front. Had to think about that for a minute. Not sure why I had to pause. It’s been a long day even though it’s middle of the day.

Trailer Tow hooks, decal on top, decal to match the grille. Chrome, bumper, grille, Lexan coated headlights, Projector style, fog lights down below.

Coming around to the side, little bit of black trim on the fender there. Goodyear Duratrac tires, a nice solid rim to go with it. Got your Power Wagon decal going down the side, trailer tow mirrors.

Take a look inside. I’ll meet you around. Alright. So, we’re inside.

So, I guess a couple of cool features you got a kind of a unique console down below. It’s kind of a bucket/potential seat there, if need be. You have a shallow console to throw some stuff in it as well. One thing to point out, you got your locking and disconnect sway bar there and then you got your locking axles essentially to make sure that whatever ruggedness you’re going through, you can find a way around it. Then your 4 high, 2 high, neutral 4 low.

8.4 UConnect screen. A/C. Trailer Brake. Plug in, Bluetooth, as you can see on the steering wheel, got your cruise right there. If you look up top, you get the power sliding rear window as you can see back there, and then you got your programmable garage door options.

It is a crew cab, so lots of space. One of the things I love about the new trucks which I don’t have in mine, but I wish I did, nice folding bench, if you have a dog whatever the case may be, you don’t them laying on the seat or if you need some more storage, a perfect opportunity to put something there. If you lift up, you got storage on both sides. Cloth seats to match the cloth seats in the front. Pull this out. Couple of cup holders there and a couple there is in the ground as well.

Take a look at the back. We do have the spray in bedliner all ready to go. So, you can take the crap out of the box and not have to worry too much about it. Back up camera. Again, Power Wagon decaling on the back. You got your trailer/tow wiring, receiver hitch, and then you can see you’ve got sensors in the back bumper as well.


View Photos and Pricing ButtonFinance This VehicleI have with me the file on this bad boy. We’re going to take a quick peek at it. There is the AMVIC inspection. As you can see the odometer reading is 54819 and that is how many kilometres are on the vehicle. It required a windshield which it got, so a brand new windshield. Looks like everything else is passed. Go quickly through the CarProof here. It is silver in color in case you’re wondering. So, accident free. No damage records found. There were lien records found at the time but that will be gone when we sell it to you. Canadian registration. Alberta Normal. Not declared stolen. No US history and no recalls found.

So, if you like to come down, take a closer look at this or any of our other pre-owned units or even a brand new unit, give us a call – 780-942-3629 or you can reach out to us at sales@redwaterdodge.com

We hope to see you down here!

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