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By October 25, 2016Used Inventory

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What’s up internet it’s Travis at Redwater Dodge in beautiful, not gloomy, or rainy Redwater, Alberta! We’re going over one of our most recent used vehicles here this one was actually one that we sought out, brought in and purchased for the sole purpose of selling to a beautiful customer such as yourself.

It’s a 2015 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited. You’re going to notice a couple of neat things here now normally where it would have the off silver or off chromeish center bumper insert this one little black fog lamps in their. Beautiful black pillars, blacked out Jeep logo, a very stylish Jeep Wrangleresk hood.

Bright flame red, Black Appearance Package which is why you have the Bridgestone dualer  all-terrain tires there with a fully-wrapped black rim. Body molded black mud flaps. You got some super neat running boards here cab length, extra cool.

You’ve got these awesome vent visors up there, black as well. Fully-loaded Jeep Wrangler Sahara interior so it comes equipped with the leather heated seats as well as the heated wheel.

Thank you my good invisible cameraman for letting me in. It comes fully-equipped with the 430N UConnect. The 430N difference basically means that it does have the navigation. Satellite radio capable and nice little storage compartment up here as well that’s pretty sweet. It’s got the beautiful black inserts on your steering wheel there, hands-free Bluetooth, not even 16,000 kilometers.

Removable hardtop as I mentioned before full leather, heated seats 4×4 and everything is all down here, keyless entry as well as a remote start. We brought this in from BC so out-of-province inspection has been fully-completed here I’ve got the CarProof as well.

CarProof no damage records, British Columbia originally, no US history, no information available for any recalls. Mechanical fitness assessment, everything listed off as compliant and signed off by one of our master techs, that was done at this exact kilometer range. This must have just been completed. Record of inspection for the out of province everything’s been completed marked off as ready to rock and roll. Able and will be eventually registered in Alberta as an Alberta vehicle by whoever decides to you know buy it, love it, and own it.  


Photos and Pricing Redwater Button Financing Redwater Button

Let’s take a peek at the backseat. Beautiful rubber floor mats throughout these seats actually do fold down for optimal storage you’ll notice that the head pops back you got the super nice seat belt cover things for all those people who feel like they’re doing 955 thousand miles an hour. Which you probably are. They got a beautiful Rimlock on here so that that no one’s gonna go around and steal your spare tire which would be horrible.  Blacked-out bumper in the rear as well it does have the trailer tow group. As i mentioned previously the standard mats here the ones that are not to rubber and beautiful here you’ve got two mats actually back here as well,  This one’s the WeatherTech mat super nice for storing anything or if you go get fifteen thousand liters of cola and they blow up, they are just going to sit inside the WeatherTech mat not leak through and get through to your, oh wait a minute that’s an all-weather protected woofer so you’re not going to worry about any liquids getting in there.

For more information guys on this piece of used inventory, or other pieces of use inventory, or even our new inventory, or just to talk to us feel free to visit our website that’s www.redwaterram.com take advantage of a live chat. As I said before a live chat puts you directly in contact with a salesperson at Redwater Dodge. Shoot us off an email sales@redwaterdodge.com if that’s too slow call us 780-942-3629, Thanks for watching we’ll see you again i’m sure, bye.

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