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What is up Internet land, Travis here from Rig Ready Ram North America’s premium brand in lifted trucks at Redwater Dodge.

This video was brought to you by Silent Hill and all things creepy. Parked behind me is the latest and greatest in Rig Ready Rams. We are looking at a 2015 Ford Focus SE with a Sport Package with a negative 6-inch lift, looking very nice.

We’ve got a beautiful, beautiful red paint I’m not 100% sure what it’s called. I know the Dodge equivalent is called red crystal pearl, but it is actually very nice. Look how sporty those headlights are. We’ve got the fog lamps below. You’ve got a little bit of a body kit on the front there. That’s gangster. #FastandFurious #VinDiesel

Got some winter rubber here for ya mounted on the winter aluminium rims. This things the perfect commuter car back and forth. I know personally that it was used to go back and forth from here to Fort McMurray. Very well taken care of. The guy ended up upgrading to a truck for well; he needed truck stuff. Painted to match mirrors, we’ve also got painted to match handles. Fully equipped with a sunroof. Going to take a look on the inside here. Yes, those mirrors are heated. I do realize that we live in Alberta, sometimes going to frost up. So you take a look in there, I’m going to go around to the other side. Don’t drool over that premium cloth.

What’s up everybody, it’s Vin Diesel back to talk about this fast and furious Focus. I’ve obviously mentioned the premium cloth, you’ve got your hands-free Bluetooth there. All of your media needs and wants and whatever else is going to be in there. You’ve got the heated front seats as well. I like the heated cloth seats; they heat up a little bit quicker than leather in my opinion. I did mention the sunroof. A little bit of a center console there. BOOM! Got the WeatherTech mat in the front as well as in the rear. Air conditioning in the front, auto transmission, fully equipped with a sport mode. You also have the heated steering wheel. Guys, you get a couple of really nice offers with the Ford Focus here. Now it’s by no means a limousine, but there is some space in the back as well it is a full sized 4-door so for a small family or somebody going to school like I said somebody commuting back and forth the car really makes a lot of sense.  In really good condition. It is a 2015, so it hasn’t been owned for that long. Like I said can’t beat premium cloth. Coming around to the back it does have that body kit all the way around guys. We actually got a backup camera here as well. So I mean for being the SE which is the entry level for the Ford Focus, you really have quite a bit of options.

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I got some paperwork here for you; we’re going to go over that as well. Let’s grab my coffee before we get to deep into this here. Delicious Tim Hortons coffee at Redwater Dodge! We’re going to go over the CarProof here, no damage records, Alberta registration, never been stolen, no US history, no recall information. So basically it’s a pin and Dom Toretto would love to drive this in the next #FastandFurious.We’re going to look at the AMVIC inspection here. 45,141 kilometers and it was done only a few kilometers more now than it was then. Catch me! Right future, back to the future. #MartyMcFly Needed a windshield at the time of the AMVIC inspection obviously that’s going be included guys everything else has been marked off as being compliant.

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Thanks so much for watching guys we will see you again. Redwater Dodge, Rig Ready Rams, Rig Ready Focus. Home of the $10 Oil Change!

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