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By November 26, 2016Used Inventory

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Good Evening Internet Land, it is Travis at Redwater Dodge. Parked behind me is one of our recent pieces of used inventory. It’s a 2015 Dodge Dart Vitamin C SXT with the Rally pack.

Now with the Rally pack you get a couple of nice add-ons like these black grille inserts on the top, on the bottom we’ve got fog lamps here You’ve also got upgraded rims and tires here. I actually do enjoy the rim, you’ve got a solid all season tire on there. I actually drove the Dart for quite a long period of time last winter, it was a manual and had a great time driving it. For a very small compact car I had no issues especially considering I only had all-season tires on it.

You’ve got the keyless entry on this one, we’ve also got the ability to pop the trunk, we’ve also got the ability to remote start. Let’s take a look at what features we got on the inside here. Take a seat I won’t lock you in. We’ve got this large touchscreen here fully-equipped with heated seats as well as a heated wheel.  It’s also got Sirius Satellite Radio capability just over 28,000 kilometers.  We got hands-free Bluetooth as well, leather-wrapped steering wheel, for when you’re feeling NASCAR, and you need grip. If you’re feeling hard, you could drop this automatic transmission down into the manual mode, Tiptronic.

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We got rubber floor mats in the front and in the back. You want to be trekking in any mud or water, snow, garbage or whatever else you may be stepping in. It’s not a full-sized sedan but I mean there’s definitely enough room to haul some people around. I’m not saying go on a 14 hour trip with this thing but you probably could if you had to. One thing I do find impressive about the Dart is the taillights they look extra tron. Just kidding, I mean they are nice, but that’s not what I am most impressed about. Full-equipped with a back up camera a well.  This is what I’m most impressed about; so you got the nice rubber floor mat back here for the trunk and have a ton of trunk space. I’ve never once had an issue getting groceries. I eat a lot; it’s difficult. I’ve never had an issue getting groceries or tossing anything in the back of the truck when I was driving the Dart. So I’m definitely impressed with that. Also if somebody tries to go El Chapo on you and lock you in there is like a sneaky little thing you can pull and pop out.

I got some paperwork here for you fully AMVIC Inspected. Passed with flying colours, goes into detail explaining to you what the ratings in the tires are and the brakes are. Which both obviously checked out otherwise it wouldn’t have passed the AMVIC. I don’t believe I have a CarProof in this file, but I would have no problem getting one for you upon request. So for more information on the Dart or any of our other used inventory or new inventory.

Feel free to visit our website that’s www.redwaterram.com. Use the live chat you know exactly what the live chat does. It puts you in direct contact with one of the sales people on the floor. Please reach out to me if you have any questions. travis@redwaterdodge.com. Feel free to give me a call at the store 780-942-3629. Thank you for watching there will be

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