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By January 10, 2017Used Inventory

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Top of the morning to you Internet Travis here at Redwater Dodge coming to you live on behalf of Redwater Dodge and Rig Ready Rams, North America’s premium brand and lifted trucks.

Today we’re going to be going over one of our most recent trade-ins, my second most recent trade in. Parked behind me is a 2015 Chevrolet Equinox LTZ trim level. It is fairly equipped.

Taking a look at the front here you can tell it’s an Equinox right away because well they all look the exact same. Big and bright headlights in the front there, nice little front grille. I like what they did with the front. 2.4L powering this thing is the all-wheel-drive, so you’re not burning through too much fuel there.

Come along to the side. You are looking at a Michelin All Terrain tire. It’s a solid rim, not a hubcap or anything along those lines. You’re not going to worry about that popping off, chipping off or anything like that. This was actually one of our technicians family members traded this in they decided to get into a little bit of a larger vehicle, he’s actually right there, a larger vehicle and get into a Jeep Cherokee.

We’ve got the nice rain guards here for you; they’re black they look super slick. Heated mirrors.

Take a look on the inside. We do have the keyless entry; we also have the remote start so like I say it’s got some pretty nice options in it. Take a seat inside; I’ll walk around.

This is only my third coffee, so I’m not as energetic as I should be but there are a couple of really nice features that I want to talk about guys. First things first, it’s only got 25,000 kilometers. Second thing second, you’ve got the hands-free Bluetooth, cruise control, you’ve also got heated front seats. The driver side is powered, passenger side is manual. Sirius Satellite Radio subscription is still going on this thing. We’ve got the Eco mode is the all-wheel-drive, WeatherTech mats all the way throughout. Really nice tachometer. One of my personal favourite things is the ninja key. Boom!

So just to give an idea what everything looks like take a peek there, ice possible drive with care. You’ve got some nice security features in the Chev. Here we’re going to take a look in the back. Oh man, this might as well be a Rig Ready Ram with all the space back here. Premium cloth, perforated in the center. It’s incredibly comfortable it honestly feels like memory foam I’m very impressed with actually how it feels to sit in here. It’s great! Ya, it’s real nice!


Photos and Pricing Redwater Button Financing Redwater Button

Just to confirm that I’m not lying, all-wheel-drive badge, it is the LT. We’re gonna pop it open. Back up camera tucked safely away in there. Definitely a nice feature to have as well plenty of storage space. We’ve also got the original floor mats kickin’ it back here. Full-size spare tire as well as wheel locks underneath. Big ole woofer for people who like sound.

Running over some paperwork here while I have you. This is only like my 14th coffee, so I don’t have very much energy usually I’m like 10 coffees deep by now. AMVIC inspection was literally done one kilometer ago, everything was checked off as compliant, signed off by one of our master techs that was done on the 3rd of January. Taking a look at the CarProof here, no damage records, Alberta registration, never been stolen, no US history, no recall information.

As I mentioned guys this is pretty well a family trade in, so we know that it has been meticulously kept we have a full access to the history of the vehicle.

For more information visit our website RedwaterRam.com, take advantage of the live chat feature that will put you directly in contact with myself, Brittany, Barry, Jeff whoever may be running the live chat at that time but we’re actually here real life in the store not in Uruguay in a little box.

If you want to get a hold of me, personal email travis@redwaterdodge.com Check out my Instagram RigReadyTrav.

If you don’t want to deal with me for some reason email sales@redwaterdodge.com. Our number down here at the store is (780) 942-3629. Thanks for watching!

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