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Hey Guys, Tyler here for Redwater Dodge.  Home of the $10 Oil Change. I have behind me a 2014 Jeep Wrangler with a 3.6L V6 Pentastar engine. This is one of our pre-owned units we’re going to take a little walk around showing a few features and hopefully make you come buy it.

So couple things point out obviously got your typical Jeep look in the front with the Seven Pillars obviously because it’s the first vehicle that’s been on all continents. You got fog lights on the bumper, couple tow hooks in the front. Come around the side got your Bridgestone tires filled with lots of life left. It is bright white in colour.

On the key fob here got the command start as well as obviously unlock and lock button. We’re going to unlock it here, let you take a look inside. Alright, so we got the leather interior. You got the 5-inch screen there, Bluetooth, you actually have a CD player it’s behind, if you take a look at the steering wheel there’s Nav on the steering wheel. That’s your windows right in the middle. It does have heated seats there’s your plug in, mirror, A/C center console small one, deeper one as well and also your plug-in right there. Removable top. In case you want to enjoy one of those beautiful summer days or if you’re crazy enough to take it off the winter and drive with it often winter; but that would be a little bold in my opinion.

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Lots of space in the back, you got leather seats in the back to match the front. Take a look further back… So here’s lots of storage, lots of room to throw some extra stuff. Little more storage there that’s for the roof as well as perfect spots to put all the parts. You’ve got your subwoofer in the back. Yeah, I mean what a beautiful vehicle, great summer vehicle, a great off-road vehicle if you want to have some fun that is usually what the Wrangler’s for.

We’re going to go through the CarProof and the AMVIC Inspection. Kinda show you what it’s all about. Alright, so as you can see it’s accident-free, there’s one owner it’s got about 55,000 kilometers on it right now and that’s what we can see on the AMVIC inspection. Take a look at the AMVIC inspection; everything passes, there’s all the measurements for the tyres and the brakes. Beautiful vehicle, certainly a great vehicle to go have some fun with. If you want to come take a closer look at it give us a call 780-942-3629 or you can reach us at sales@redwaterdodge.com. We hope to see you down here.

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