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By January 5, 2017Used Inventory

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What’s up Internet? Travis here from Rig Ready Rams; North America’s premium brand in lifted trucks at Redwater Dodge. THE Home of the $10 Oil Change.  We are going over one of our most recent trade is parked behind me is a 2014  Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited. Unlimited means it has four doors. If it’s not the Unlimited means you got two doors, so 2-4 more doors for more people and stuff to get in.

Bright white in color we’ve got your big fishbowl style headlights that have been Lexan coated. Solid front bumper Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson style we got the tow hooks in the front or pulling all your non-Jeep driving friends we have the fog lamps  all the visibility, all the time. Standard 7 pillared front grille. I bet you’re probably wondering huh why does the Jeep have the 7 pillared front grille? Well let me tell you it has a 7 pillared front grille because Jeep was the first if not one the first vehicles on all seven continents..boom,mind-blown,it’s nuts.

We are going to unlatched some stuff,  we are gonna look under here. You are looking at the Pentastar V6 motor all the fuel economy, all the horsepower, all the torque, all the time. Anything you need to get you going to be usually marked, usually marked, easily access and clearly marked with a yellow cap. So all of your fluids. We all know that fluids are extra important. We got the Bridgestone dueler all-terrain tire with a solid Jeep rim look at that nice little Jeep down there that’s an 18-inch wheel.

We have got our running boards dang near wheel the wheel. We’ve got keyless entry in this one it’s fully-loaded up Sahara like I mentioned you got the leather interior 57,485 kilometers it’s brand-new. I am gonna walk around to the side we are going to talk, it’s going to be tight. If so Wrangler in here I can’t get over you got the UConnect 430N system fully-equipped with the navigation Sirius satellite radio hands-free Bluetooth when you are making all your phone calls you got the heated seats you’ve got your cruise control hill descent, you’ve got the climate control stuff right here boom.

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Look at that auto windows up and down, hard top comes off. You are kicking it it’s great ken meet barbie, life is good. Everyone is loving it. Ken meet Barbie oh wait, inappropriate joke. Anyway so we have got to quite a bit of room in the Wrangler. Wranglers are probably one of my favourite vehicles If you have ever seen the movie Paid-in-full you know that one of the characters ends up getting a Wrangler when he gets super rich. So it’s like a status thing for me to like Wranglers. There’s plenty of space back here guys.

Coming to the back we got a full-size spare 18-inch rim 18-inch tire dueler all-terrain. Notice it’s filled with nitrogen much better ride. Going to open this up here we have got ample storage space in the back. We are going to lift that up, flip our little safety clip, even more storage space. I got some paperwork here for you guys. I got the CarProof as well, the AMVIC inspection, everything is marked off as compliance literally within one

kilometer ago signed off by one of our master techs on the 28th of December and look at the CarProof here no damage records, Alberta registration, never been stolen, no US history, no recalls. essentially a pin for more information guys on anything new or used. Visit our website Redwaterram.com. Take advantage of the live chat feature don’t just sit there and accept the chat and not respond because that grinds my gears. The live chat feature put you directly in contact with the sales person physically on the floor at Redwater Dodge. If you are watching this on Facebook on YouTube or any other platform comment below if you want to deal with me. mention me by name send us a direct message or a private message. Call us at the store (780)942-3629. Another way to get ahold of me personally is travis@redwater.com Also be sure to follow my instagram @rigreadytrav If you don’t want to deal with me, don’t follow my instagram, obviously. Go and visit any one of our other sales team at sales@redwaterdodge.com. Thank you for watching we’ll be back with more used vehicles, more content more things that are good all the Rig Ready Ram, all the Rig Ready Wranglers all of the time at Redwater Dodge.

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