2014 Jeep Cherokee is Greener Than Ever

By October 1, 2013In The News

A new revolution technology is being used in the new 2014 Jeep Cherokee. A soy body sealer is used to make this outdoor adventure-seeking machine even greener. This sealer is a revolutionary acoustic foam formula that contributes to weight-reduction and fosters sustainability. It also blocks unwanted cabin noise; enhances all-new Jeep Cherokee driving experience and lowers viscosity enables easier application for greater assembly-line efficiency.


“At Chrysler Group, we are working on a number of initiatives that further our sustainability efforts while also addressing key product goals, such as on-road refinement combined with off-road ruggedness for the all-new 2014 Jeep Cherokee,” said Bill Hall-Director of Sustainability and Business Continuity. “This new foam not only helps deliver noise reduction and improved fuel efficiency, but its renewable content minimizes the impact on the environment.”

Chrysler Group is always finding new and innovative ways to change the way vehicles and the automotive industry have to offer. Come down to Redwater Dodge and see the difference yourself.

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