2014 Dodge Journey | SXT Trim | Redwater, AB

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2014 Dodge Journey | SXT Trim | Redwater, AB

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The 2014 Dodge Journey SXT is a pre-owned unit at Redwater Dodge that just might be the perfect fit for your family. This stylish SUV offers ample space and amenities to enhance all of your travels.

A Granite Crystal exterior is elegant while Lexan-coated headlights and fog lights provide function to the design of the 2014 Dodge Journey. Almost new tires ensure more stability on the road while roof rails offer storage for outdoor toys or extra cargo.

Inside the 2014 Dodge Journey you enjoy comfort and convenience amenities, starting with the keyless remote entry and remote start. Power windows and doors make life easier while the Bluetooth connectivity enables you to keep your attention on the road. Open up the sunroof for more natural light. Keep everyone happy with the Alpine stereo system and rear DVD entertainment for your back-seat passengers.

Configure this SUV to fit your needs with seating for seven. Fold down rear seats with the split fold design for extra cargo space. A backup camera helps you with parking or reversing while the parking sensors let you know when you’re getting too close to an obstacle.

This model comes with a clean CarProof and it passed its AMVIC inspection. Feel confident when you drive the 2014 Dodge Journey off our lot. Stop in to Redwater Dodge today to take it for a test drive or to check out one of our other pre-owned units.

2014 Dodge Journey SXT

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Video Transcript

Hey, everybody, Matt here from Redwater Dodge, coming to you from our Express Service bay. I’m going to show you a 2014 Dodge Journey SXT today. It’s in the Granite Crystal colour, so it’s a little bit darker than your average grey. A lot of people are very fond of it though.

We can start with the Lexan-coated headlights, fog lights are down below which are always nice to see. After a few good things, I’m going to show you the only hiccup I can find on this vehicle. Not me, now isn’t that just awful. There’s a dent here, which was probably done by a rock chip of some sort, rock chip but it isn’t a chip, just a dent caused by a rock. There I go rambling.

All right, now let’s get back to the good in the good, the bad, and the ugly. New tires. There’s at least 90% of tread left on those, so you’re not going to have to replace them for some time to come.

Other handy features, passive keyless entry, so you won’t have to actually use this. It works, but you won’t have to use it to get in or out of the vehicle. It does come with remote start. Zoom in on that and hopefully you get some good picture quality of something other than my thumb. So, being the passive keyless entry, without pushing any buttons on the keyless key fob, hand goes behind, the door opens. The thumb goes on the sensor and the door closes. I’ve got to stop honking the car before someone gets mad.

Take a look at the inside. See, you’ve got power doors and power windows, Alpine stereo system, why the heck not. Auto headlights, I can control the brightness or the dimness from this handy little dial. You’ve got your Bluetooth controls on the steering wheel, 8.4-inch touchscreen display. Obviously this thing is an automatic transmission. Now, if you look up high, you’re going to see a sunroof. Just behind the sunroof, you’re going to see the DVD player built in to keep your kids happy in the back seat or your dogs, if they’re in to that kind of thing.

Take a look at the back seat of the Journey and you’re not going to find one back seat, but two. This one is the seven-seater option, so it’s perfect for someone who needs the utility of carrying a whole bunch of people in the not-Caravan, but doesn’t want to be in a Caravan. Perfect setting.

Up high, you do have your roof rails, so if you do any kayaking, canoeing, carrying of furniture, etc. you’ll be happy to have it. You do have the backup camera on here if you zoom in, so you’ll always know what’s going on behind you. If you don’t pay attention to your backup camera, you do have rear sensors. I wouldn’t rely on them 100 percent of the time because that’s just not safe driving, but they are 100 percent functional.

Seats in the back fold down nice and easy. Boom. Fold back up just as easy. So if you do only need the five-seater but think having the extra seats are handy, you are not sacrificing any trunk space because Boom, a five seater, actually right now it’s a four-seater. Bad joke, but we’re done with the trunk.

Let’s hop into the actual front. So something we do with all of our segments now, we go over the vehicle’s car file with you so that there are no surprises when you come in to see it. Oh, wait. Push button start. I didn’t comment on that with you. Probably should have. CD player down here and these are all of your sunroof controls. You’ve also got a garage door opener. I believe I’ve now covered it and I can carry on with a clear conscious to the vehicle’s file.

So, what do we find in here? We find the actual work that was done after we brought in the Journey. Used car detail, used car oil change. Replaced the windshield. It is Alberta, you do get rocks out here. Mount and balance tires. Oh, look. There we go. That’s all of it. That’s all she wrote. If you look at the vehicle’s CarProof, you’re going to see that there are no damage records. Registered only in Alberta, never been declared stolen, no US history. As you carry on through the pages, you will find more of the same. If you take a look at this vehicle on our website, redwaterdodge.com, then you’ll be able to access the vehicle’s CarProof, a whole bunch of pictures and probably this video of me going over the vehicle in a slightly awkward style.

When you do come in to buy this thing, you will be signing off that you have seen the CarProof, so we’ll go over it again when you get here.

Other than that, this is the mechanical fitness assessment, which is basically your vehicle’s report card. Shows the current odometer reading when it was done, who did it, where we did it and it goes every single possible aspect of the vehicle to make sure it’s 100 percent for you to drive off the lot without any concerns whatsoever. So, there you have it. 2014 Dodge Journey SXT. It’s sitting right here at Redwater Dodge, so come on down and take it for a test drive. You’ll be glad you did. This is the perfect family vehicle, DVD, tons of seating, all that good stuff. So give us a call 780-942-3629 and again my name is Matt coming to you from Redwater Dodge.

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